Why and When Do You Need 1000ft Cat6 Plenum Rated Ethernet Cables

Numerous types of networking cables are out there. Even for an expert, at times, it becomes tough to choose the best one. Cat6 plenum cables are one such networking cable. If you don’t know their importance, this article is for you. Let’s dive in. 

What Exactly Is A Plenum Cable?

A plenum rated cable is used in plenum spaces at various residential and commercial properties. These cables have a plenum coated jacket that strengthens their overall build. In simple words, these cables have the plenum label because they are designed to be used in air ducts.

Before going further, one must know what plenum spaces are. These are the open spaces that are made to enhance the air circulation of any property. The Cat6 plenum cables are perfect for use at a commercial building and even at residential properties.

When Do You Need Cat6 Plenum Cables?

Whether you are a homeowner or a building contractor, you should install cat6 plenum cables at areas meant for air circulation. For public properties like schools, hospitals, and airports, these cables are a must. Due to any reason, a fire could occur, and standard ethernet cables could further ignite the fire. Plenum rated cables would minimize the fire because of their fire-retardant coating. 

Also, in many states of the USA, it is mandatory to install fireproof cables before the construction of any property. Now, even residential properties such as houses and apartments have an HVAC system installed. This system generates heat that could cause a fire accident. So, these are some reasons that explain the importance of these cables.  

1: Prevents Fire and Emits Non-Toxic Smoke

In most of the fire hazards, it’s the poor-quality cable wiring that further ignites the fire. As mentioned, the plenum cable is fire retardant. First, they prevent the fire from spreading any further in case of an emergency. Even if it catches fires, it burns slowly and emits fewer toxic fumes that are free from harmful chemicals. 

2: Ideal for Areas with High Temperature 

Plenum spaces in commercial buildings and residential properties are areas where temperatures vary constantly. Especially in summers, the temperature can touch extreme values. Therefore, cat6 plenum 1000ft rated Ethernet cables are ideal for spaces where the temperature can reach extreme values. They can deliver maximum speeds in such tough conditions. 

3: Self Extinguishable 

The word “self-extinguishable” is a single word that explains why one should always consider cat6 plenum rated cables instead of the standard ones. These cables not only fire retardant but also emit non-toxic smoke. Moreover, these cables are coated with a special fire-retardant spray known as Teflon FEP.

4: Saves Cost In The Long Run 

Compare plenum cables with any standard networking cable, and you’ll find plenum-rated cables expensive. But wait, that’s not where the things end. Standard networking cables won’t provide any safety against fire.

Whereas plenum cables will offer maximum protection and also enhanced connectivity speeds. So, you end up saving some cash in the long run. These cables will serve you for a long along with better protection against fire. 


So, cat6 plenum rated cable is an all in one networking cable that offers everything you need to form a local area network system at your home or workplace. When you know these cables have backed your network system, you can work with perfect peace of mind.