Why and How to Send A Personalized Discount Email

How many promotional emails do you receive each day? And how much of this heap are you opening? It’s tough to make your way of communication stand out. But this is what customers expect from you. If you want to build good relationships with your clients, you need to put in some effort into sending personalized email messages.

In the digital era where we live, there are alternatives to pretty much anything you can imagine. But, consumers want to see different prices and delivery options, colors, sizes. And, most of the time, they are pretty confused. 

However, a personalized approach to email marketing comes in handy as it can help build better relationships with your customers and help them make a choice. Moreover, customized discounts can help you achieve this cost-effectively and prevent existing customers from switching to another brand.

The benefits of personalized emails

There are tons of advantages customization gives your brand in your marketing strategies. Let’s quickly go over the major ones that can make a significant impact. 

  1. You will reduce the money left on the table

One of the enormous benefits of personalization is that it saves you the burden of store-wide discounts.

Offering 50% off your entire store will drive some traffic to your store. However, it is challenging to build strong relationships with these visitors while maximizing their lifetime value. On the other hand, you can drastically cut your costs and send a more relevant message with a customized campaign. More importantly, you can easily track your ROI.

  1. Sharing data with you will become easier for your customers

We’re all so used to seeing truly up-to-date recommendations on streaming platforms that we quickly get annoyed when faced with harmful recommendations.

Consider showing your customers that you care about their interests and needs with a personalized discount campaign. However, it is not limited to just here. It offers more than one form and includes dynamic content that interests customers based on geolocation, age, behavior, and preferences. This is what makes personalized discount emails work better and give a high conversion rate than regular ones. 

How to create a customized discount email

Now that you’re familiar how important personalization is, it’s time to craft and send personalized discount emails that will work the magic. 

Step 1. Find the right time to offer discounts 

When it comes to special discounts, coupons, and promotional offers, make sure the timing is right. Keep up with different holidays, anniversaries, small dates such as International Friendship Day, etc. Moreover, if you want to get even more personal with your customer base, consider sending them special offers and deals on their birthday, for example. 

Other options here include grouping customers into the time frames they’ve used to buy from you. For example, if customers purchase at the beginning of each month most of the time, maybe you can offer them a free delivery or loyalty cards. 

Step 2. Collect customer data

Customer data is a treasure trove of information if you want to build long-term customer relationships. Later on, it will help you create a more detailed email message based on your customer’s wants and needs, preferences, habits, and interests. 

Customer data can help you find out:

  • Who is interested
  • The range of what someone is willing to spend
  • What type of messaging is influential for whom?
  • What type and size of discounts are more attractive for a particular buyer?
  • Purchase data – what they bought, when they bought, how often they buy, etc.
  • Wish lists
  • Cart abandonment data

All of this information can help make your email messages more straightforward and personalized. For example, if you know that a specific group of customers owns dogs, you can discount them in the nearest pet store. Personalized discounts come into play when you show more appreciation and a unique approach to your customers. 

Step 3. Send emails about price cuts and special discounts

Unlike most email ad campaigns, price-cut emails are beneficial to people, especially those hunting for bargains. These work like reminders when, for example, a customer has abandoned their cart or didn’t complete the purchase. Price cut emails are sent when the price of this particular product has dropped. So, if the customer has any financial barriers, a good price cut email will help overcome them. 

Special discounts come next in line. Nowadays, businesses have numerous creative ways of using value and coupon strategies to increase sales and brand awareness. From exclusive member rewards to product bundling, people love getting deals addressed specifically to them. So consider subscription offers and customized coupon deals through your personalized discount email to increase business ROI, acquire a loyal customer base, and improve sales in the long term. 


Buyers have endless possibilities regardless of the product or service they’re looking for. So, try your best to find out their needs, fulfill those, and offer proper solutions. 

Whether you choose the “Buy one, get one for free!” option or make seasonal sales, personalizing your discount emails is the key to achieving your marketing and sales goals in a more innovative way.