Why all drains need drain surveys

Drain surveys can be used to identify the following issues with your property’s drainage: fractured, cracked, leaky or defective pipes. evidence of blockages and backed-up sewage. In a drainage survey, a surveyor will use a CCTV camera to explore investigate your drainage pipes and identify any potential issues. This may take some time but it can really help you in no end of ways too.

A drain survey is a thorough inspection of the pipes connecting a property to the water network (also known as the drainage system). Every house has a drain as you know. With this you can only see and imagine just how many drains there are to be worked on. Also how many have a need for surveys and overall surveying. This is a big market.

CCTV drain surveys

A CCTV drain survey allows you to get a clear picture of what is going on inside drains and sewers. They are an extremely useful tool for discovering if there are any blockages in your drains. Also on what the root cause of the problem is. This could be anything from build up of grease and fat, through to damage to the actual drain itself. Drain surveys are often carried out on commercial projects and for domestic purposes. This is such as when buying a new home or undertaking home extensions. Also in times where you need to assess the path for footings and foundations.

How they work for the end user

A good CCTV drain survey should include filmed footage to show detailed real-time status of the drainage system and its overall health, from potential root infestation through to silt build up and will usually include details of flow direction and drain dimensions. It’s also possible to trace drain lines from above ground using CAT-scan technology, meaning the two methodologies give you a comprehensive analysis of drain condition and parameters.


Typically, a CCTV drain survey is dependent on a number of factors. One can be the size of the drain that requires survey. You should expect to pay anywhere from £390.00 to £750.00 as a rough estimate, however speak to us for a firmer quote that is tailored to your specific needs. It is key to remember this is an investment though. You should also look to get multiple quotes off of various businesses too.