Why active noise cancelling earbuds are becoming so popular in India?

We live in a chaotic world. A world that is full of so many distractions and noises that make it hard to work or even enjoy in peace. It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to concentrate and get some task done or are in the middle of an important discussion on phone or are simply sitting and enjoying your favorite music/music, there will always be something or someone that will disturb you. 

This situation has worsened in the current WFH scenario, wherein we all are stuck at home and have made our bedrooms or living rooms our workstations! God save us from those pressure cooker whistles and the neighbour who is trying to build a time machine in their house! For this reason (and many others), a lot of people prefer working late at night when everyone is asleep.

In such a scenario, noise cancellation earphones have emerged as our saviours. They electronically process and analyse the ambient sound and attempt to generate the ‘opposite’ sound that basically cuts the noise and results in reduced clutter.

Below are a few detailed pointers that will convince you further about buying active noise cancellation earbuds:

Turn off the background noise: What is the point of having noise cancelling earbuds, otherwise? Right? It doesn’t matter if you have a loud commute (imagine public transport), or have chatty co-workers or are stuck in a plane full of noisy and cranky kids, using ANC earbuds will help you block out all these unwanted and pleasant noises. End result – a quieter and peaceful surrounding wherein you can do whatever you want to do, without any disturbance. They can be really helpful in increasing your productivity levels.

Peace of mind: If you are under the impression that you can only enjoy some quiet if you switch on the music on your earbuds, then you are mistaken. You can simply switch on the active noise cancellation mode and enjoy some peace without turning up the volume.

Protect your ears: We tend to turn up the volume in our earphones in order to be able to listen clearly. This does tremendous damage to our ears. Noise cancelling earphones allow you to listen to the audio at a much lower volume, even when you are in a noisy environment. This means lesser damage to your precious eardrums.

Better music: Everything sounds better when there is no disturbance in the background. Listen to podcasts, music or watch your favorite videos online with every word and lyric coming to life.

Smooth calls: Imagine giving an important interview and not being able to listen to your interviewer properly, all thanks to the ambient noises in the background. How annoying and bad for your career, right? Earbuds that support active noise cancellation allow you to make disturbance-free calls all the time. You not only get to listen clearly but are also clearly heard.

Now that you have gone through the reasons, let us also recommend three best noise cancelling earbuds that you can consider busing in 2022:

Airdopes 601 ANC

Fall in love with your favorite tunes again, all thanks to these best anc earbuds! They fit inside your ears comfortably and ensure that you get to a smooth and seamless listening experience. The hybrid ANC suppresses noises of varied frequencies and ensures that you get to listen to what you want to listen to. 4X mics with ENx technology make calling a smooth experience. The swipe gesture controls and in-ear detection further add convenience to your listening experience.

They offer a playtime of up to 28H and also support ASAP charge technology. Charge them up for 5 mins and get up to 60 mins of powerful listening.

Oneplus buds Z2

Sleek, stylish and powerful, these earbuds support active noise cancellation and also a transparency mode. Switch on the anc mode when you want to block out the unwanted noises and turn on the transparency mode when you want to bring in the ambient sounds. The 3 mic set up with noise and wind reduction ensure that you get to enjoy crystal clear calls, every time! The 11mm bass-tuned dynamic drivers pump out flawless sound.
They offer a playtime of up to 38H and are IP55 certified.

Realme Buds air 2

Enjoy your favorite tunes to the fullest with these powerful earbuds, all thanks to the active noise cancellation mode. The 10mm hi-fi bass booster drivers pump out impactful music. They offer a playtime of up to 25H.