Why accurate NAP information and user experience are so important in Local SEO

Having a correct NAP information is a basic thing in any business, in fact, it is the most fundamental part of Local SEO within Google, because it is the information with which your customers can contact you and know where your store is, without this you simply can not promote your business, as well as offer a quality experience to users who enter your page.

But it’s not as simple as that, read on and we’ll explain more about how to correctly place your NAP information on your site and how you can improve your user’s experience in less than a blink of an eye. Let’s get started, but remember, you can always trust digital marketing experts for this task.

As we were saying, the relationship between NAP information and the user journey is quite close, because not only Google is in charge of positioning you in search engines thanks to your NAP, but also it is the only possibility for your customers to interact with you and make a purchase. Sounds logical, doesn’t it?

Sometimes we have this information in place, but we don’t update it when we change the phone number, or we put an address information not as concise as we should, which can cause confusion in the user that leads him to simply go to another page that has the information or the product he is looking for in your location, because clearly you are not the only seller in the area.

We don’t need to clarify that nobody would like that a store’s schedule says one thing, and the next moment it says something else or they find that when they go to the place, it is closed because they changed the schedule. How uncomfortable, isn’t it? Besides, if you don’t have a fixed schedule but several scattered around the site, with which Google should promote you? If there is no correct NAP information, simply your Local SEO entry will be a disaster.

Google is a very complicated platform that needs perfection to put you among the first options in the search engines, if you do not meet specific characteristics simply will not take you into account and you will be banished to the second pages where most people do not venture. So your website will fail entirely. Trying to comply with the basics is fundamental for Google’s algorithm to “Like” you. Looking hard? You can always get assistance from Local SEO specialists in New York.

When the user journey begins

Some of the business owners with a website think that the user experience starts from the moment they make the query for a product through the NAP numbers or directions on the page, but no, the user experience starts from the moment they start searching for your page.

Specifically, the user’s journey starts exactly when they hear and know about your page, whether it’s your link in the search results list or on a map. So you even have to take care of what is written there at the time people notice your venture. So for you to understand, Google My Business Optimization in New York is one of the most important steps for Local SEO success in that area.

And this is where the NAP information directly affects the performance of your site, because for the customer to constantly interact with your site you must give them all the consistent information so that they can progress in their journey.

Often, we assume that users find our brands and local businesses through our websites, our guest posts and outreach, and our Google business profile listings.

Users, however, find our brand through a variety of online portals, including the directories where we build our citations and listings.

At the moment the user is interested in you, you need to make a good impression as it may be your first and only chance to win over a client. And it all counts. Try to keep your website tidy, up to date, with comments and NAP information available at all times and with the right information, and always be attentive, there is nothing more tiring than a business to which you have to insist for them to respond.

Local pages that don’t provide any valuable content, where you have to struggle to get correct contact information and where there is no organization whatsoever, simply aren’t worth the same and won’t show up in local searches.

If you’re a lazy page made simply to show that you’re there, you’re not helping anyone and you’re only pushing away your chances of establishing yourself as a serious business where people want to be. You won’t even have a chance to compete with the pages that really strive to keep their status up to be relevant in Local SEO.

What does a lazy page look like? The one with a thin entry page that has no flashy marketing inside it, all it has to do is offer “Presence” on networks without any effort.

In case you want to know what are the things that Google considers to put you in local searches, you have to look for the list that was launched in 2015 regarding on-page SEO. And even though it’s a few years old, there are still things that still stand up and can be useful to you. good luck! Remember that your customers are the most precious thing your business has, try to make them feel comfortable with what you offer them so they can stay with you.