Why A Body Measurement App Is A Must For E-Commerce?

If you are in the fashion industry, you must know how the global pandemic has changed the entire fashion industry structure. Even though most of the stores and shopping malls are open, now people prefer to buy clothes by sitting in the comfort of their homes. But have you noticed the reason why the shopping style has changed in recent years? The reason is simple. People get every benefit that they used to get in the shopping malls. 

The emergence of the size recommendation app for the body has made virtual shopping even more famous. All you need to do is press some buttons, and you can be sure whether the clothes you have chosen fit you or not. So, is a body measurement app necessary for an eCommerce business? We shall find that out below. 

Benefits Of Body Measurement App In E-commerce

The demand for a contactless option for getting the size recommendation is high now. So, various e-commerce companies have now started to update their selling method by providing the customers with the much-needed AI that recommends size and measures the clothes for the body. 

Here are some benefits of using apps for body measurement in e-commerce. 

  • One of the most confusing parts of buying clothes online is continuously questioning if the cloth will fit or not. Well, the body measurement apps are helpful because they can create an avatar using which you can check the measurement of the cloth. 
  • This technology can also provide size recommendations accessible across all the brands that use the same method. 
  • Most of the time, the fitting is almost 98% correct.
  • This process is rather time-saving. By providing an avatar for body measurement, this AI-powered technology helps to save customers’ time. They do not have to wait for physical measurements or the right time to get the suitable garment for trying out. 
  • Since most customers stay busy and barely find the time to shop for themselves, the body measurement apps with their AI technology have been a lifesaver. By providing a comfortable and convenient solution, the body measurement apps help people to shop for whatever they want within a minute.
  • The sizing solution not only measures your body but also recommends different sizes for a dress based on your body measurement.
  • The body measurement apps are easy to use. You need to provide a side and front image, and the apps will create an avatar which you can use to measure clothes to check the fitting.


The pandemic has brought huge changes to the fashion e-commerce market. One of them is the body measurement app. Since people rely on buying clothes online, the use of AI technology that measures people’s bodies to check the fitting of the clothes has made them rely a little more on apps. With its various benefits, people now feel more confident buying clothes online. So, next time you buy clothes online, make sure you use an app that uses body measurement technology.