Why 2021 Is the Year of Microsoft Dynamics Services for Businesses

Every business looks forward to drive growth in 2021 following the complex challenges in the past year. Given the foregone challenges, most enterprises turned to Microsoft Dynamics 365 to make the business processes smoother and deliver personalized brand experience to customers. The purchasing options became easy for customers which helped retailers to realize the power of mobile point of sale solutions, contactless payment options to ensure safe experiences and much more. It’s clear that the Dynamics Services will be the driving force of success for businesses moving forward. A pile of new capabilities is planned to be added in Dynamics Services from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners UAE. These new capabilities make certain that 2021 will be the year of “Microsoft Dynamics services” for businesses of all sizes and types.

Dynamics 365, the solution to reboot your business in 2021

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is inevitable in your path to digital transformation. The application suite is integrated with ERP and CRM components, and its combined capabilities helps you focus on most of the core business operations effectively. The application includes the apps for finance, sales, customer service, marketing, supply chain, human resource, retail and more. It is powered by business intelligence that helps businesses to tap into new opportunities and help you earn more customers.

Dynamics 365 Marketing delivers you productive marketing solutions that develop deeper relationships with customers. It is a full marketing automation solution that allows you to effectively market on various channels online and automate day-to-day tasks. The application streamlines and simplify long marketing tasks and ensures success for your business.

Dynamics 365 Sales is enhanced with advanced tools that greatly reduce your sales team’s burden and improve productivity. The app offers best-in-class sales automation solutions that streamline and automate mundane sales tasks. It provides more access to data insights and enables the sales team to meet buyers where they are (via mobile) and execute the deal. AI (Artificial Intelligence) interprets customer data, identifies customer patterns and behavior and predict needs that cannot be easily identified by human capabilities.

Dynamics 365 Field Service helps your field staff or executives to deliver elevated experience for customers. It allows you to deliver a proactive service by foreseeing customer’s issues, helping you build customer trust and loyalty. You can send field technicians when and where they are needed. The new management module increases the productivity capabilities that will reinforce the technician and customer relationship.

Dynamics 365 Finance provides a unified view of your business financial performance. It brings intelligent cash flow forecasting solution to identify future trends, monitor cash flow and make well-informed financial decisions. The solution accelerates your financial decision making through reliably predicting cash payments from customers, precisely projecting cash flows, and creating accurate budget proposals. 

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management provides a unified view across various functions including finance, manufacturing, supply chain, inventory, and transport management in one application. The cloud and edge scale unit add-in brings the power of intelligent cloud that allows your business to run warehouse and manufacturing workloads without any interruptions. Advanced predictive analysis and power platform optimize and automate planning, warehousing, logistics and more. More features related to accounting and rebates will be added soon.

Dynamics 365 Commerce is integrated with new features that helps retailers to better interact with both B2B and B2C customers. These new capabilities empower retailers to deliver personalized customer experiences across digital and physical channels, as well as makes “Dynamics 365 for commerce” the best retail and commerce platform.

Dynamics 365 for Human Resources is an integral solution that is needed in most of the organizations to increase organizational agility. Apart from managing the HR related activities, the application supports additional enhancements that provide notifications, summary statements and a unified view of employee’s enrollments. This helps HR management to better manage their jobs and transform the experience.

More capabilities and features will be added soon to other modules, making Dynamics 365 a perfect companion for businesses across industries.

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