Who’s in it for the next technology breakthrough – Apple or Tesla?

Elon Musk, the man who has singlehandedly transformed technology in ways that no one previously thought were possible, versus Apple, the company that smartly puts out products that they know people are willing to buy despite them being old and repetitive without taking any risks. From an outsider’s perspective, it seems that both companies lack a crucial trait that the other has – Elon’s brand lacks stability that Apple has, while Apple lacks the innovation that Tesla does. Consider this some free modern essay writing help.

It has been suggested by multiple people on various platforms that the best way to go about the situation would be if Apple bought Tesla and made Elon the CEO. This would make the company unstoppable, seeing as they would finally have the one thing each of them lacks, preventing them from completely taking over the tech world. You can also check our new Eve Party Ideas to Ring in 2021

What Apple lacks Technology

As more time progresses and apple releases more of their products, there’s a running pattern – better camera, more available colors and little tweaks in the hardware. That’s pretty much what every new model of Apple brings to the table. This started with the iPhone 7, when, despite information being leaked before the release and announcement by the CEO, Tim Cook, it wasn’t seen as that big of a deal before there wasn’t much to reveal – it was the same old thing with upgrades that no one needed or asked for. People have been unhappy with the designs as well. This makes Apple’s biggest problem its lack of innovation. 

With the way things are currently going, it is predicted that Apple might soon meet its demise if they don’t step up their game. This is due to the reason that not only is Apple not progressing as much as it should in the hardware department, but it is also lacking in software. A lot of apps available on android cannot be found in the AppStore, which is quite upsetting to a lot of users. It is being outdone in the online department as well, so why would anyone even consider spending more money on a less innovative piece of technology when they can get a lot more form spending much less?

  • Critics all over the news and the internet have been bashing Apple for lacking innovation, pointing out things like how all it has been doing since the release of the first iPhone is changing the size of the screen, and because it has become such a staple, people have been happily nodding along.
  • Customers get bored. With new innovations in different companies, the customer base that Apple has built over the course of so many years might just get tired of settling for the same old technology, just flashier and more expensive. This is where Apple needs to start feeling a bit more threatened from competitors.

What Tesla lacks Technology

Tesla is saving the planet! Their designs are not only futuristic and incredibly innovative, but amazing for the planet, and they put out these mind-blowing designs really fast. The problem? They can’t afford it. With every new car Tesla sells, the company loses money. Investors are still willing to buy, but that is based solely on the fact that the ideas are like nothing they’ve ever seen before. However, because they are “investors”, after all, they will need to start reconsidering if Tesla continues to lose money at the same rate. 

  • Tesla is said to soon become “the Apple of the car business”. No other company can so far compete with their designs. However, they are not even close to as profitable as any other car company might be. It is a huge waste of talent and good design for Tesla to lose investors, and then customers, just because they lack the proper resources.
  • The loss that Tesla is in on every sold car is tremendous. This could eventually result in the company going bankrupt if matters are not dealt with immediately. For every car, Tesla loses about $4000. This has resulted in a loss of $359 million in cash last quarter. 

People are betting on the future of Tesla from its current innovation. Investors are willing to buy due to the ideas currently being presented, which means that there still are some resources for Tesla to get money from. This is why Elon Musk believes that Tesla’s value is more in the design and innovation than in cash. However, this still doesn’t help the problem at hand.


It is clear that amongst the two, Apple has tremendous customer experience and knows how to sell its products. Whatever they put out, even if there is no REAL upgrade, sells really well and is received happily by a huge population. This makes it one of the greatest businesses in the world, because to build a customer base as loyal as that isn’t something every brand is able to achieve. Compared to Samsung, Apple isn’t giving the audience much to work with, which means that if Apple doesn’t change the way they operate, the competition will take over. 

Elon Musk has also seen the increasing demand for products that he might fail to produce in time if things keep going the way they are at the moment. Their growth is tremendous and they have brilliant ideas, however, they do not have a good enough platform or the right resources to achieve their goal. If Apple is to buy Tesla, the problem of resources will be solved because Apple has the kind of reach Elon requires to take Tesla (and Apple, if he is to join the brand) to new heights. This would be an amazing opportunity for both companies to grow like they never have before.


Rebecca Smith is an honors student at MIT and also works as a lab assistant for a professor in essay writing service in UK. She has received multiple awards due to her genius when it comes to science and is currently working on her thesis. Even in a schedule as busy as hers, she finds time to read and paint.