The importance of whole genome sequencing

The modern times is all about technological developments in science and medicine that has led to better and improved quality of life and their implications to current situations also has lead the scientist to detect and predict multiple kinds of disease in human mind and body. Whole genome sequencings is one of those technological development that has changed the shape of medication, testing and detection and diagnosis of disease. Moreover, with the recent studies of DNA and RNA most of the scientist are not only able to detect but also are able to take preventive measures against the disease.

Here are some of the reasons why we consider that whole genome sequencing is important for every individual and how it can help you to lead a better and successful life in the long run.

  1. Diagnosis and treatment:

There are many chronic diseases in the world which are detected when the damage is already been done to the various organs of the body and the health care providers aren’t able to do much in this regard. The only help they could look forward to provide the patient is palliative care.

But whole genome sequencing not only helps you with early detection of the disease but also make sure that the disease is detected even before the body has begun to show its symptoms. This is a life turning experience for most of the patients because they could begin an early treatment even in the patients that were asymptomatic and aren’t been able to detect the signs of diseases.

Moreover, whole genome sequencing has also been considered as beneficial for patients who have any kind of drug allergies and drug reactions. The efficiency and accuracy of different drugs are different in varied patients and therefore, whole genome sequencing helps you in reading the response of particular drug with the results of sequencing pattern.

  • Prevention and detection of diseases in early pregnancies:

Most of the people suffer through different kinds of challenges during their pregnancies and whole genome sequencing in resolving most of the issues through early detection in fetus. This is one of the most important and significant discoveries of science where the unborn could get all the preventive measures against any possible disability or vulnerability to certain diseases.

  • Treatment and diagnosis in cancer patient:

One of the most challenging situation for health care providers is to deal with the treatment and diagnosis of cancer and the patients also look forward for a positive response from the doctors and physicians. Whole genome sequencing helps the health care providers in studying the patterns of genome and their response to particular type of treatment.

Moreover, those family members who have a history cancer can also get genome sequencing done to know more about the chances of certain disease in their bodies and he preventive measures taken to improve the life expectancy rate.

  • Life time use of information:

The data obtained from efficient genome sequencing is considered as important and valid throughout your life. You don’t need to bother to get the patterns checked and detected again and again as the availability of single genome testing is valid for a whole life.

Therefore, if a person has successfully gone for genome sequencing patterns once in their life they will be able to use the information throughout their different matters of life. On some special occasions the health care providers may ask you to repeat the whole genome sequencing patterns but this is only to get more advanced and latest versions of detection repeated to help you overcome number of health issues.

  • The difference between genotype sequencing and genome sequencing:

One of the most valid and recurrent question that comes to our mind is whether to go for a whole genome sequencing or to look for a single genome testing that is also known as genotype sequencing. However, one of the major difference the people choose to go for the either of the two is the current condition of their disease or what kind of detection the health care provider is looking to get from the reports of genome sequencing.

Moreover, the cost is also an important issue when you are going for either of the methods of testing. The cost of whole genome sequencing is in thousands of dollars where the single genotype is more cost-effective and pocket friendly.

When it comes to detection, treatment and marking the future with safe and secure methods of treatment you don’t need to bother about the cost of testing. Rather than look for the numerous benefits that the report is going to provide you with. Moreover, it is important to learn the whole genome sequencing is a daunting task where the scientist sit down and study the patterns of genome in your body therefore, if somebody is not charging you as much as they should have been then you should refrain from going for the testing from any such department.