Who To Request Money From On Cash App?

Are you looking to grab a quick buck on cash app? Apart from earning cashbacks and other bonuses, do you know you can also request money from rich people on cash app? Well the answer is yes. You can request money from celebrities, entertainers, your rich friends and other people as long as they are kind enough to send you the funds. But before we proceed to give you a list of who to request money from on Cash App, you should know that this process may prove abortive as some may not answer you.

We know it’s not easy out there, so if you are here looking for how to earn a quick non working funds, we got you covered. Requesting money from someone you don’t know on cash app has a 50/50 chance of success rate, you may be lucky and they will grant your request and it may be the other way round. That’s why we have provided a certified list of some people you can request money from, stick with us as we take you through this journey.

Cash App Names To Request Money From

Cash App is a P2P payment platform where you can perform funds transactions like receiving of funds, sending funds, trading of cryptos and other amazing features. But the cash app feature we will be talking about today is the Cash App money request feature. We will teach you how to request money and also give you cash app names to request money.  

To request money on Cash App, all you have to do is login into your Cash App account and select the $ sign on the app. Proceed to inputting the amount of money you want to request, enter the Cash tag you are requesting from and tap request .

Names To Request Money From

Before we proceed, don’t forget that anyone whose name is on the list provided is not obliged to give you any money, so the process may prove abortive. After requesting money from them, just wait patiently. If you are lucky they send and if they don’t send, try the next person. Below is the list of cash app names to request money from.

  1. $Liliane
  2. $Alice
  3. $Christy
  4. $Georgina
  5. $Salma
  6. $Ginasteph
  7. $Yelena
  8. $Irislord
  9. $Susanne
  10. $Abigai
  11. $Belgravia
  12. $Lira
  13. $Mercedes
  14. $Peseta
  15. $Rica
  16. $Silver
  17. $Mamashome4u
  18. $Moneymedium
  19. $Movement2long
  20. $Nelly2k22

The above list contains Cashtags of celebrities and other notable personalities on Cash app to request money from them by entering the amount and their cash tag name under the “request” section, however don’t forget that this process is not guaranteed. If you have tried this process before and it did not work, don’t feel down as we have provided another way for you to earn non working bucks on cash app, check the next section for more information 

Other Ways to Get Free Money on Cash App

We all know that requesting money from someone that does not owe you or knows you on Cash app doesn’t always work, the person you are requesting from may ignore your request, this makes the process not certain. That’s why we have provided other options to earn free money for you. 

Earn Via Referral Bonuses:

The first and legit way to earn money on Cash app is by referring your friends. Anytime you refer someone using your referral code, you will earn $5. But before you earn, the person you referred must use your referral code and must also send his first $5. If these requirements are not met you won’t earn. If you refer 20 people in a day, that’s equivalent to you earning $100 in a day.

Earn through Completing Surveys

Another way to earn money on Cash app is by completing online surveys. All you have to do is complete some certain task and you will be rewarded. Some of the sites to engage in this survey include InboxDollars and LifePoints. 

Cashback Rewards and promotions

You can earn cashbacks rewards on cash app when performing some certain transactions. If you link your card to your cash app and use it to pay for a transaction, you tend to earn a percentage of the amount you paid. There are also special occasions where you earn if you participate in a special promotion hosted by the app. 

The above list is legit, if you want to earn using the referral feature, all you have to do is look for somebody that have not sign up on Cash app and give him your referral code, and if it’s through Completing Surveys, you can just search for sites that engage in this type of survey online. 


Before requesting money on Cash App, you should be aware that the person you are requesting money from is not bound to give you. Some people just choose to send due to their generosity. My team and I know this and that’s why we provide you with other ways to earn money on Cash App without having to request it from someone. 

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