Who should prefer chiropractic care over physiotherapy?

Chiropractic interventions are comparatively more aggressive than physiotherapy in terms of encouraging a change. Physiotherapeutic care intends to inspire self-confidence and educate the patient to fix or live with a disorder by themselves. But chiropractors are better off with direct manipulation of the target anatomy. For instance, in the case of disorders related to the spinal cord physiotherapists prescribe long-term practices and exercises to empower the patient for a gradual self-recovery. While a chiropractor might prefer to manipulate the spinal cord anatomy for resolving the problem and prescribe necessary mobility enhancing exercises for maintaining the condition.

This article will try to explore a few common and excellent candidate conditions for chiropractic intervention and explain why physiotherapy might not be the ideal treatment option for the same.

Patients with spinal misalignments

Physiotherapy in the case of spinal misalignments will diagnose the problem by palpation or by other diagnostic strategies. According to the nature of the misalignment, a therapist will prescribe movements and exercises. Physiotherapy might select an indirect approach for remediation of spinal misalignments by empowering and reconstructing the musculature relevant to the disorder and inspire self-confidence in the patient.

Chiropractors on the other hand will diagnose the spinal disorder and manipulate the spinal cord directly for a relatively faster solution. Patients with a spinal misalignment not involving any soft tissue impairment should consult with a chiropractor for quick remediation.

Patients with an improper gait

Improper gait, if left untreated can cause associated pathologies including joint pains and muscle stiffness. Voluntary control over the lower limb is an operational area of the human spinal cord. Dermatomes of the lower half of the human spinal cord are responsible for movements of the lower limb. The reason for improper gait determines whether a patient should visit a physiotherapist or a chiropractor. In case of soft tissue-related inconveniences like joint pain or recovery phase ordeals after major surgeries are best treated by physiotherapy. But improper gait due to a spinal misalignment must be treated by a chiropractor for best results.

Chronic joint pains due to long term abuse

Sitting on a chair in a bad way for several years, riding a sports bike for hundreds of kilometers every day, or maybe spending too much time on a toilet seat can be considered a bad habit. The potential of these habits for doing damage is remarkable hence should be avoided in the first place. A chiropractor will directly manipulate the target region, keeping in mind the neuronal and muscular architecture. The relief will definitely come quicker compared to physiotherapy and the remedy is arguably permanent.

Author’s recommendation

The healing method of physiotherapy takes time. As the process concentrates on gradual recovery from both physical and psychological point of view. Physiotherapy aims to inspire confidence and knowledge necessary for dealing with a disorder in the long run. Chiropractic care on the other hand seeks quick remediation of a problem. The field of application is significantly smaller than physiotherapy but effective in terms of the temporal aspects of healing. Chances with the quality of chiropractic care must not be taken on the patient’s behalf. As the discipline deals with direct manipulation of anatomy, the chances of damage are higher than physiotherapy. For instance, someone living in Gurgaon must find and avail the best chiropractor in Gurgaon for an effective recovery.