Who is Saravanan Arul and Why he is Famous:

Saravanan Arul is a famous Indian actor and a businessman. You may be surprised to know that Arul is the owner of many shopping centers like the “Legend Saravana”, “The legend New Saravana Store” and  “Saravana Selvarathinam”. He is running the chain of the shopping centers and at the same time making his acting career.You may be surprised why such a rich man need to do acting as there is no need of acting for the Saravana Arul.But it is his passion for the acting that he is doing acting in the Tamil movies. 

You may be surprised to learn about the fan following in social media especially on Facebook, and Twitter. He is a generous person and famous for his generosity. You can say that he is a person full of success, whatever he has done in life, he has done without any failure.

Who is Saravanan Arul?

He is a well known film actor, businessman,and social media, he has a great following due to his impressive acting style. Saravanan Arul is one of the famous for his acting in the Tamil film industries. The new movie on the topic of News and current affairs has been seen as one of his latest successes.  In Tamil Nadu his latest movie “The legend” has been distributed across hundreds of cinema screens across Tamil Nadu. 

Saravanan Arul and Urvashi Rautela are performing as the main actors and doing central roles in the movie. The movies were made about how the News are manipulated to depict reality. Whatever the work he done in  life is exemplary without doubt he is a total success. You may be surprised to learn how he is able to run such a business and at the sametime do acting in Tamil movies.

His family background and early life:

He was born on July 10, 1970 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu India. He is now 52 years old and a generous person. He denoted around 1 crore rupees for the cycle victims in 2018. This shows his humble nature and love for humanity. He gave this amount directly to the TN Chief Executive fund. He is a well known person for his brilliant roles in the tamil movies and due to his career as a successful businessman.

 What you can expect from a person, he is successful in the acting and also in the business. Being an entrepreneur is an example for the young generation and his generosity is a lesson for all of us. You may be amazed to learn about the person,as he is a humble personality and altogether a loveable person. His success in life has not made him a proud person.


Saravanan Arul is one of the most influential people for the young generation. His life is full of inspiration for the people, he is an entrepreneur and a successful actor. You may be surprised to learn how he is able to manage everything.