Who is Jonathane Michael Ricci? Jonathane Ricci Entrepreneur of A13MG Groupin Canada

Jonathane Michael Ricci is a lawyer, entrepreneur, and business consultant based in Toronto, Canada.
He is presently associated with Archimedes 13 Management as a director and the founder. Jonathane
offers services in the domains such as asset management, call center management, claim management,
litigation services, tax optimization, and portfolio management. Jonathane Michael Ricci was also the
founder of Canada Claim Management and national Class Action Services. Both these companies are
based in Toronto, Canada. 1PLUS12, a longtime client of Jonathane Ricci, has managed to optimize their
project assets from a tax and asset protection perspective.
Jonathane Ricci as a Renowned Personality & Early Childhood
Jonathane Michael Ricci was born & brought up in Toronto, Canada. He completed his school in the
same city and enrolled in the University of Windsor for graduation. In 1995, he completed graduation
and received his degree in General Arts & Communication. Jonathane has always been an enthusiastic
student and always planned his next step in advance. After graduation, Jonathane enrolled in the
College of Law at Michigan State University in 1995. He took a course related to Law & Tax, where he
received Juris Doctor Degree. In 1999, Jonathane completed his LLM in International Taxation. This is the
degree where he learned about Global Tax Minimization and Tax Treaties. Jonathane Michael Ricci is
also known to be a dedicated husband, and he has been married since 2005.
Jonathane Ricci and his dream journey with the professional world

Jonathane Michael Ricci has performed well since his college days. He served as the President of the
College’s Student Bar Association. He also worked as a research assistant for the State Michigan House
Committee. Even before starting the professional journey, Jonathane worked as an internal Law &
Practice Journal editor. His LLM helped him take the first step in the professional world as he joined
KPMG in 1999. He worked for corporate governance at KPMG, where he learned the art of
documentation. On behalf of KPMG, Jonathane Michael Ricci participated in multiple audits, which
eventually helped him learn asset management, compliance, tax optimization, and contract execution.
Working with KPMG gave him the confidence required to enter the business world.
After ending his association with KPMG, he started working for Juroviesky & Ricci LLP. He was a partner
here, and this was the first step he took into the business world. He and his organization worked with
clients to offer them litigation and class action services. The company gained a lot of clients because of
its services in commercial litigations. The primary domain of their clients was BFSI Sector. For the next
six years, Jonathane Michael Ricci was dedicated to Juroviesky & Ricci LLP.
In 2008, Jonathane took the next step in the business world with the inception of National Class Action
Services. He took a step further in 2010 and incepted Canada Claims Management. Both companies
offered similar services, and they were into notification services, claims administration, media buying,
and call center management. Both these companies had headquarters in Toronto, Canada, and
Jonathane Michael Ricci was the co-founder of both these organizations. After a successful stint with
Canada Claims Management and National class Action Services, Jonathane founded the A13MG group,
known as Archimedes 13 Management.
How Jonathane Ricci Turned The Fortunes of A13MG Group?
Eventually, Jonathane led the inception of the A13MG group. This company was his brainchild, and
Jonathane’s success is attributed to the success of A13MG. He has been working very closely with the
clients of A13MG to ensure they get the best possible services. The main area of service for the A13MG
group is high-net-worth individuals, family estates, and family trusts. At present, the A13MG group
offers services in many countries, and it is all possible because of the success of Jonathane Michael Ricci.