Who is Jaya Kishori?

Friends, how are you all, in this article, we are going to give complete information about India’s most famous Sadhvi Jaya Kishori Ji, Who is Jaya Kishori, many people have this curiosity that what is the real name of Jaya Kishori ji? where does she live? And how much is their earning, we are going to see the answers to all such common questions in this article.

Who is Jaya Kishori
Who is Jaya Kishori

You will also know the complete biography about Jaya Kishori ji, what is the age of Jaya Kishori? Who are their parents? And where does she live? And who raised them and where? For complete information, do read this article till the end.

Who is Jaya Kishori?

Friends, Jaya ji is such a sadhvi, whom people see by comparison with Shri Radha Rani, Jaya ji’s sweet speech fascinates all the devotees, all classes of people are convinced of her simplicity, let me tell you that Jaya ji has I have spent my whole life in devotion of Shri Krishna ji.

Although she is not yet very old, but since childhood, she has been worshiping Shri Krishna with great devotion, she believes that there is no one purer than Shri Krishna in the world, she has been awakening the holding of Shri Krishna Bhava Amrit for the last many years. Is.

Friends, Jaya Kishori ji started her Krishna Bhakti, as a bhajan singer, but due to participating in more and more satsangs and doing story reading work, she has now become a famous bhajan singer, have a lot of face value. Due to her departure, she is now also a motivational speaker, and inspires people to move forward in life.

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Jaya ji’s real name is Jaya Sharma, but most people know her by the name of she, from a very young age, she had started on the path of devotion, it is mainly used in Bhagvat Geeta, Ramayana, Nani Bai Ro Myro is known for related stories. To know more about Jaya Kishori click on this.

Social Media

Millions of people follow these on social media as well, although most of the big actors and actresses have more followers on social media, but it is surprising that so many followers of Sadhvi, who have devotion, have been seen on YouTube. His hymns have also been appreciated by crores of people.

Jaya Kishori ji considers her presiding deity Lord Shri Krishna, she started singing difficult hymns like Lingashtakam Shiva Tandava Stotham at the age of 9, where all the people walking on the path of spirituality are worshiped by saints and sadhus. While she does not call herself a Sadhvi, she says that she lives the life of a common girl, and will marry like her, but can never leave the path of devotion.

Jaya Kishori Lifestyle

Friends, let us tell you that Jaya ji, despite having such a high face value and being so famous, she lives a simple life, Jaya Kishori ji never works for money and whatever she gets, she is in that. He completes his satsang.

Friends, Jayaji is a Hindu by religion and his nationality is Indian. She has raised her image as a singer, and she believes that people who like too much show off are never successful, it is this simplicity that attracts people’s mind.