Who Is 7Saachi? The Man, The Myth, The Mystery?

[New York City, New York, June 26th, 2021] — [Times Square’s luminous buzz is ever-present, even in the stillness of mid-morning. Yet, look between the flashing lights and ebony alleys and you will find something spectacular. Recent reports from users on popular online forum Reddit reveal some are discovering unique pieces of art hidden in plain sight.

The only clue to their origin? A single, cryptic name: 7Saachi. Thus, the question “Who is 7Saachi?” is born. Stranger still is the fact that New York City is far from the only locale reporting art installations attributed to 7Saachi. Indeed, previous reports from Reddit users mention spotting similar artwork across the coast in sunny California!

Taking a trip to the sunshine state, let us visit Los Angeles; the city where stars are born.
Perhaps it is only fitting that the name of this nouveau star in the digital and crypto art world, 7Saachi, is being whispered in the city of stars. 

Recent accounts indicate 7Saachi artwork being uncovered at various places of note in Los Angeles. From scenic views near the Hollywood sign, to the celebrity shopping mecca of Robertson Boulevard. To high-class destinations like Melrose Avenue, to the historic east-west thoroughfare of Ventura Boulevard, once a part of El Camino Real built by the Spanish during colonial times. Each of these areas is home to at least one distinctive 7Saachi masterwork.

While there appears to be no 7Saachi social media presence, that only serves to make this mystery all the grander. So far, the only method of contact between the artist and those who discover his art has been via an online form given to those who first uncover each piece.

The lucky among us who discover a 7Saachi art piece simply need to tap their phone to a sticker on the piece. This sticker is emblazoned with the phrase “tap phone here for good luck.”
It truly is good luck if you are fortunate enough to find a piece of his art because as mentioned by users of Instagram, Reddit, and Tik-Tok, 7Saachi sends out a one-of-a-kind piece of his artwork to the first person to find each urban installation!

Signature to this mysterious artist is the methods he uses to make his art something that will last well into the future. Each piece uses Augmented Reality (AR) technology to bring the artwork to life via animated video. Some pieces mix this AR with Quick Response (QR) codes, or Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology to create an even more immersive art experience. Practically, this means that by simply tapping one’s phone to a sticker on the piece one can be directed to a contact form, video animation, and more. Furthermore, one can scan a QR code on the artwork and watch as it comes to life in front of you through an animation on your phone. 

This technology has been used in our everyday lives for contactless payment, touch-free menus, and shopping. Yet, 7Saachi takes this a step further by incorporating it into art. This has never been utilized by any other artist in such a manner. Doing this he creates an augmented reality experience accessible to anyone with a smartphone.

As we step into a new digital age, 7Saachi appears to be ahead of us, leaving artwork for us to find. Thus far his only presence online seems to be on renowned NFT marketplace OpenSea, where he has established a curated collection of artworks. Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs for short are the next step in property and ownership. Essentially, through the use of blockchain technology (the same type of platform Bitcoin uses) any item, intellectual property, or digital good can be represented and stored securely. Although, to date, none of 7Saachi’s OpenSea collection items have been listed for sale. One can only ask, “What could he be planning?” Nevertheless, one thing remains certain, this is the art of the future.

Editor’s Note:

we have received tips from social media users that suggest more 7Saachi artwork may be scattered around Brooklyn borough in NYC.]