Who are Compass Real Estate? Everything You Should Know

Compass Real Estate has been around for a while. If you’ve ever bought or sold a property, you may have heard of them. They are a brokerage, but with some crucial differences. Here is everything you need to know about Compass.

They have a strict recruitment process

Compass is very selective in its recruitment process, only accepting a small percentage of those who apply. For clients who work with one of these agents, it means they benefit from a combination of expertise, proficiency, and determination. In addition, Compass offers comprehensive training to all its agents, so they can assist clients, using up-to-date information. In a changing industry like real estate, this is essential.

You can find out more about the agents in this write up.

Compass agents have access to advanced technology

Compass Real Estate has several large investors. This money pays for their specialized tech team, which has created and maintained the AI, self-learning software. This gives both home buyers and sellers an advantage. The software helps Compass agents determine the optimum time to list a property, and at what price. This means sellers can make a quick sale without lowering the sale price. For buyers, there are exclusive listings and some properties allow virtual tours. This means less competition when buying a home, and extra convenience for both buyers and sellers.

How are they different from other brokerages?

Although Compass isn’t the first real estate company to use technology, they differ from other brokerages because of how much money has been invested into their own software. The combination of this technology and their own agents’ level of experience and knowledge means they stand apart from other brokerages.

They also pay for renovations upfront, so that homeowners have a better chance of selling. They don’t charge interest for this service, which is great if the only money a homeowner has is tied up in their property.

Easy to research properties

For clients looking to buy a property, Compass makes it easy to research the ones which interest them. Their site shows the history of each property, including when it was listed, sold, and how much for. You can also see which schools are nearby, maps of the neighborhood, and similar homes for sale. So, if the property you’re looking at isn’t right for you, or your offer is refused, you still have options.

Far-reaching, but always expanding

Compass has offices in over 300 areas across the US. So wherever you want to buy or sell a property, it’s likely they will be able to help you. They have expanded a lot since they launched in 2012, so if they don’t already buy and sell properties in your area, they probably will soon.

Compass pride itself on hiring the best agents, using advanced technology, and making buying or selling a property as straightforward as possible for its clients. This is what sets them apart from other real estate companies and makes them so successful. 


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