Discover how and why should you obtain white label solutions for your crypto exchange and magnify your profits!

Ever since the advent of the first cryptocurrency – Bitcoin in the year 2009, cryptocurrencies have been gaining huge popularity and traction among potential investors from all around the world. Many business entities have started adopting cryptocurrencies into their business spaces and the demand is booming with every passing day. Cryptocurrencies along with blockchain technology are set to disrupt almost every major industry and transform them into the next phase.

The emerging trend for cryptocurrencies has opened up a lot of business opportunities for the business sector. Many budding entrepreneurs are aspiring to create their own cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency exchanges to attain maximum benefits and spin million-dollar profits for their businesses. Currently, there are about 5,301 cryptocurrencies and 20,821 crypto exchanges revolving in the market. The number changes with every fraction of a second as newbies enter the market with their own cryptos and crypto exchanges, nonetheless, the demand is very much alive!

If you are an entrepreneur with your heart set on being a part of the cryptosphere with your own exchange, the time is never better than now. But as discussed before, the demand and competition are massively-spread. So, what is the best way to develop an exchange that sustains and shines over this? Let’s find out!

What and why choose a white-label crypto exchange?

A white–label crypto exchange is a ready-made exchange software that is already pre-tested and comes with all the necessary implementations inbuilt. That includes integration of top trending features, qualified technical and security integrations that fit the current business model and to meet the market requirements. Such white label solutions are highly scalable and can be customized according to user preferences in terms of incorporating the brand name they have had eyes on, logo, personalised UX/UI, features etc.

The fundamental aspect here is that a white label cryptocurrency exchange software is interpreted with the entire database of every basic essential for an exchange, which is altered based on each customer’s requirements.

Why white label exchange? What are the benefits?

There are numerous benefits involved in attaining a white label solution for your crypto exchange business. Some of the key benefits are mentioned below.

Quicker deployment

When compared to building an exchange from scratch, white-label exchange solutions save up a lot of time as they are readily available solutions rightly built with every necessary integration from ideation to technical aspects. Also, it helps customers with a quick, efficient deployment as white-label solutions will be ready to hit the market within two to three weeks.


Whitelabel exchange software is tried and pre-tested, before handing over to the customers. Hence they are 100% reliable and ensure a seamless business. The white-label solutions are also efficient to handle and any bug issues can be resolved quickly.

Take the edge off development costs

With white-label exchange solutions, you don’t have to go through the stress of the entire development process. Every necessary implementation is already inbuilt with the software and is ready to launch. This helps bring your vision to life, most efficiently and cost-effectively.

Technical expertise

The white-label exchange solutions are tailor-made by experts and you do not have to worry about the functioning or require any special technical knowledge to get your exchange up to speed. You are guaranteed a hassle-free, risk-free exchange business.

Personalised customization

Every white-label exchange has the same basic database, but the UX/UI and other features can be customized personally according to each customer’s preferences.

By collaborating with the right company to develop your white-label exchange software, your exchange will be a hit in the market and you could avail abundant benefits. How to find the right company? Look into the following aspects.

What are the factors should a legitimate white-label crypto software include?

  • High-volume TPS ( Transactions per second)
  • Multi-currency support integration
  • Multi-language support integration
  • Dominant trade matching engine
  • High-volume liquidity
  • Globalised KYC/AML integration
  • API integration
  • Highly scalable architecture
  • Multiple payment gateway integrations
  • BOT integration
  • Integrated referral programs
  • Multi-layered security integration

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