Whistler Vacation Rentals and Accommodation Tips

When renting a vacation accommodation, how do you go about it? Renters now have more choices than ever before when renting a vacation accommodation. The digital revolution, along with the tremendous advertising that goes along with it, has provided the vacation seeker with an incredible amount of information and opportunity to control their own destinations.

The renter must make direct contact with the property owner or management company while selecting a rental property. It’s always preferable to start a conversation by providing and asking for accurate information when you first get in touch with someone.

  • Dates are needed.
  • Property requirements/number of guests.
  • Check for lifts.
  • Private hot tub preference.
  • An agreement on management is needed.
  • Deposit is necessary and how much.
  • Conditions of payment.
  • Conditions for leaving the property.
  • Whether the property allows pets (and respect that).
  • If you have any special requests, such as baby entrances or beds for sleeping, then inquire.
  • Inquiries about transportation – do you require a rental car?

There are various accommodation options in Elevate Vacations, from one-bedroom apartments to multi-million-dollar homes. Our fully equipped rentals, townhomes, condos, hotel suites, and apartments are conveniently located in Whistler Village, just steps away from all the facilities and experiences you could ever want. Spacious rooms, common area hot tubs, pools, gyms, comfortable fireplaces, saunas, and unique eateries are only steps away at our gorgeous accommodation alternatives.

Having a large group and needing to rent a large home reduces the probability of being close to ski lifts. When you’re looking for accommodation in Whistler, you may have to compromise to keep your family and friends together. Instead, you may pick two or more Whistler condo rentals closer to lifts, but you may not be able to find them next door to each other.

The home’s age and quality heavily influence the price of a vacation rental home, but its closeness to ski lifts is also a significant factor. To narrow down your options while you browse the site, utilize the filter to choose properties by the number of bedrooms or guests they can accommodate. For example, you may look for Whistler village condo rentals, apartments for rent, or bed and breakfasts in Whistler. Check if the property has its hot tub and whether it is pet friendly. Around 50 percent of property owners use an availability calendar, but not all of them keep it current. Sending an email first and then calling the owner to discuss renting the property works best.

Lastly, be a respectful renter. A repeat visit to a place you’ve already been one of the best feelings in the world. If you want a long-term connection with the owner so that you may go back to a familiar property, follow these guidelines:

  • Put things back where they belong.
  • Take responsibility for your mess.
  • Stay away from things that aren’t yours.

Have fun if you’re looking for a holiday home in Whistler or any other Canadian ski destination!

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