Whisky Partners – Explaining why Whisky casks could be a great investment

No matter what you are investing in, making a healthy profit on the capital you initially put forward is what every investor wants. Scotch is no different.

Depending on a few key factors, how much you’ll earn from investing in whisky could prove to be lucrative. Here we’ll discuss some of the factors to maximise your success when investing in Cask Whisky.

Whatever your experience level when it comes to investing in Scotch, this article will provide some insight into how buying and selling whisky can create great returns.

What to know regarding whisky investment

Before the cask opened and the delectable whisky within is enjoyed, you’ll want to accrue financial gain from it first.

Investing in whisky casks is seen as an alternative form of investing when compared to the more mainstream routes of stocks or real estate. However, as many investors are beginning to realise, whisky as an investment can be fruitful because it’s a tangible asset, holds many tax-free advantages, and is in high demand.

The team at Whisky Partners can help you by making suggestions to you, such as advice on cask options and information about different distilleries, that they feel would be suited to you and deliver an increased profit.

The numbers are promising for anybody looking to become involved in the world of Scotch, with a significant increase in the value of rare whiskey last year.

Whisky in a cask will mature over time, adding to its flavour. This increases their value, not only because of the taste but because well-aged whisky is in greater demand and not as easy to get hold of.

Whisky is classified as a wasting asset, meaning that because it has a lifespan, you won’t need to pay capital gains tax on the profit you make on it.

Valuable insight

Is whisky a good investment? Yes – make no mistake about it: whisky is increasing in value. How much will depend on the whisky in your possession and how long it has matured in its cask, among other factors. But thanks to Capital Gains Tax exemption, and our tax-free storage, you can earn more from your cask.

At Whisky Partners, we know how important the cask is. It’s been suggested that the cask accounts for over half of the amount of flavour that a whisky possesses, making your cask choice a crucial part of your investment strategy. You’re in control of the casks and, with our insightful experts advising on the cask that’s right for you, you can potentially increase your whisky’s value by changing the flavour.

Industry knowledge and possessing established relationships with renowned distilleries throughout Scotland means that exploiting the expertise of Whisky Partners is a wise decision.

Our dedicated and experienced team can help you every step of the way when investing in Scotch, presenting you with an advantage you might have otherwise been without.

Rather than independently buying and selling your casks, which is incredibly difficult without the right connections, the Whisky Partners portal provides a secure and user-friendly platform to make transactions, giving peace of mind to everybody involved.

Not only this, but you’ll have access to a market full of opportunities might not be privy to, thanks to the relationships in place between stockists and distilleries. Favourable rates are among the benefits to be found from these connections.

Investing in whisky casks successfully is an opportunity open to many so explore the Whisky Partners website for more information.


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