Find friends near me to unite for a social reason.

People with great passion and leadership abilities can contribute a lot to the betterment of society. If you think you possess these qualities you can play a vital role in bringing people together for a social cause. Realistically speaking, we cannot always depend on official figures of authority to pay attention to all our problems. But we can unite as a community to demand attention to these problems. You need to be alert and aware to identify the real issues, and find out what’s causing them.

Once you know, use your video calling app to contact people in your circle and put your heads together to come up with a plan. NEEO Messenger is an online chat app with a find friends near me feature that lets you locate other NEEO users in your vicinity. You’ll have greater chances of succeeding in your mission when you use this feature. Given below are some of the ways you can help your community: 

Pick an issue you can relate to:

Some social issues hit us hard because we can identify with them. If you’re a woman, sexual harassment, for instance, is something most or all women have encountered in their lives. If you feel like the area you live in is becoming dangerous for women, it’s time you did something about it. Use NEEO’s find friends near me feature to gather women from the neighborhood. Invite them to join you in your protest against perverts and rapists who threaten the peace and safety of all women. Ask the higher authorities to seriously look into the matter and get cameras installed in your locality.

Make a consistent effort by video calling app:

Illiteracy is a problem that can only get better with consistent effort. While you would want everyone in the world to acquire quality education, video calling app begin with the area nearest to you. Survey to find out if all the children living in your area go to school. If some of them don’t, find out why and try to resolve their issues. If poverty is the cause of illiteracy, create small library corners in your community park and donate books. Appoint responsible members of the community to look after the books. Encourage children to pick their favorite books and help them read these books.

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Deal with pertinent issues first:

To identify real issues, talk to the people of your community. Discuss with the people who live there and who work there. When you begin to listen and observe, the information you come across will be an eye-opener for you. You’ll realize that what you thought of as an issue was nothing compared to the kind of problems people are facing. Make a list and begin by working on the most pertinent issue first.

Share your story:

Sometimes you can help your community just by sharing your story. But be honest and objective while giving away sensitive information. You can save someone’s life by sharing your experience with them. For instance, if you were a victim of fraud, let others know about the incident so that they don’t get fooled the same way. Use your video calling app to forward the message to as many people as possible. And if the crime happened in your area, create a group for your community and post your message in the group to make sure it reaches everyone. A timely warning can be a great source of help for everyone you know.

Become a mediator:

Many people cannot speak for themselves for various reasons. They might be afraid or don’t know how to express themselves. If you see a child getting bullied, talk to him when he is alone. Ask him if this happens often and if it does, try talking to his parents about the issue. Maybe his caretakers are unaware of his situation. See how the guardians respond when they hear about the bullying incident.

If they don’t give the reaction you expected, talk to other people in the community and let them know about the child. Help them realize their responsibility of looking out for children who live around them. You can do a lot for your community if you seriously wish to make a difference. Use your video calling app to make friends who can help you with your cause. Use NEEO Messenger’s find friends near me feature to contact other NEEO users and create an online community. By inviting more people to help you with your cause, you can increase your chances of success.