While buying a mixer grinder, which is the best option, 500 watts or 750 watts?


However, picking the most delicate grinding machine from various designs with diverse functionalities might be difficult, mainly if people do it for perhaps the first occasion. Don’t worry; people have arrived towards the right area. 

People grew up hearing its increased whirring sound when the grandma made a sour mint sauce to go along with the vadas or mashed onions and tomatoes to prepare a chili dish. The cleaning brush is unquestionably the far more essential of equipment, yet it is one which people can live without it! Here’s a detailed review on mixer grinder 750 watts and 500 watts. 

500watts or 750 watts?

Many blenders with less than 500 watts seem to be the most economical and help users conserve energy. However, the bulk of new models are mixer grinder 750 watts or higher, reflecting a shift in customers’ expectations. A higher voltage one would not always produce superior outcomes. Again, productivity is determined by the designer and the device’s quality. In certain circumstances, a low voltage mixer grinder outperforms even more costly models.

Power consumption:

Until it concerns a blender, among the first aspects to watch here is watts. More watt is advantageous for blending more complex substances at even a rapid rate. For either an Indian cuisine, anything else from 500 W to 750 W would suffice. Another critical aspect is velocity, which would measure in rotations per minute (RPM). It indicates how long the blade turns in a minute. A mixture with a speed of 18,000 RPM is ideal for being used in the household. Most mixer grinders enable people to adjust the frequency to suit specific requirements. 


The RPM of a blender is indeed an important consideration since it indicates how rapidly the blades can revolve per minute. Anywhere between 18000 and 23000 RPM is sufficient for a residential blender. The function correctly, a smoothie mixer should have a low to moderate RPM range. Fluids or seasonings would not be adequately combined or ground at higher RPMs. Aim for high blender crushers with a variable speed button that allows people to adjust the parameters as needed. 


The more jars there are, the more remarkable. To satisfy, they need to search for a blender featuring 2 – 3 bottles of varied capacity. People may use one for flavor grinding, including one pickle preparation and another for juice. By surviving everyday deterioration in the kitchen, a sturdy structure and a break-resistant lid are required. Furthermore, look for an implement that is scientifically constructed for something like a secure grasp.

What is an appropriate wattage for a blender?

The blade of an excellent blender ought to combine every one of the energies supplied by the engine. Only once processing thicker blends, such as idli dosa batter, do the mixing grinder’s combined weight come into play. Therefore, the distinction between both 550w and even a 750w mixer blender is insignificant for many of these culinary tasks. In contrast, a 500w mixer would suffice for regular culinary mixing and crushing.

During creating idli dosa batter, the more incredible speed mixer grinder makes life easier. The distinction between a 500-watt mixer and a 750 watt or 1000 watts stand mixer is immediately apparent.  While evaluating 500w versus 750w and 1000w blender cutters, the best 750 Watt mixer grinder in India will combine the idli dosa batter quicker than just a 500 Watts grinder. The 1000 watts stand mixer is superior to a 750 watts blender for creating idli dosa flour or pulp, so if the job in the cooking area does not need heavy-duty churnings, such as making dosa batter or flour.

Blades of the Grinder:

Because blades are indeed the individuals that perform all of the activity, it becomes time to understand its condition. Ascertain that perhaps the component is corrosion-resistant, ideally of such 304 types. The form of corrosion is essential because it indicates if the metal is prone to degradation and degradation. Accuracy is also retained for a more extended amount of time using elevated stainless steel. The type and choice of blades included with a blender are also crucial considerations. There are many blades available, some for direct compression and others for wet processing. Several blenders come with any of these two blades pre-installed, which may readily replace.


Whereas if a firm provides people with a strong assurance on the goods, users may be confident it would be of high quality. While choosing a product, look for a guarantee that ranges from 2 to 5 years. Consider either an engine with an unlimited plan. It might keep the appliance safe for an extended amount of time. 


The pricing strategy of the mixer grinder will indeed be determined by the functions it provides, including its technical effectiveness. There are also several low-cost choices available, but they could not offer the finest qualities.