Which Skills To Look For In Your WordPress Developer?

Everyone needs their website to score over their rivals in today’s competitive digital market. A good website is an online venue for clients; businesses must have one. They are essential for the marketing of your products and services. Many people even maintain personal websites on which they can communicate with their loved ones and friends.

Many of these websites have one similarity among them: WordPress was used in their development.

WordPress is a robust platform you can use for blogging as well as content management. Using WordPress website development strategies from scratch will make your journey convenient.

As per recent statistics, it was responsible for powering 39.5% of all websites. Therefore, WordPress is the best place to begin your digital journey if you are interested in learning how to create a website.

That additionally denotes that talents from WordPress development services are always in demand in the job markets as their developers have enriched aptitude. And being able to design and manage WordPress websites for businesses is a great way to sell oneself to potential employers and customers, so having those skills is a must.

Here are a few skills that your WordPress developer must possess:


JavaScript is another critical programming language that developers of WordPress should be familiar with because it is included on 97.6% of all websites. Embedded videos, drop-down menus, and image carousels are just some of the interactive components that may be added to websites with the help of JavaScript.

Adding JavaScript to WordPress, on the other hand, requires a certain level of expertise. Learning JavaScript as a language is vital, but it is also essential to understand how to incorporate JavaScript parts into WordPress in a way that does not destroy anything.


The Hypertext Markup Language, often known as HTML, is the standard language on web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Edge employed to render web pages.

Pages are not rendered directly in HTML while using WordPress. However, a developer must have a solid grasp of HTML to comprehend how web pages perform, which is the basis for most of the work they will do utilizing the platform.

On the other hand, websites built using WordPress make considerable use of cascading style sheets, also known as CSS. They store the information web browsers use to style websites visually, including the fonts, colors, and other visual elements added to websites.

Your WordPress developer must have a solid understanding of CSS because this is how they can control the website appearance visible to users.


The fact that WordPress bases its page layouts on pre-made themes is undoubtedly one of the factors that contributed to its meteoric rise to prominence. Because of this, WordPress developers are only required to have design abilities if that interests them.

However, your team can recommend constructing your website with one of the innumerable preset WordPress templates that are accessible online for either free or against a fee.

You need at least some familiarity with developing templates from the ground up. This necessitates becoming familiar with the Bootstrap framework.

It is open-source, allowing designers to construct responsive and friendly websites for mobile devices. In addition to that, this CSS framework serves as a solid foundation for WordPress themes.

Simultaneously, knowing how to utilize Bootstrap will allow you to construct a complete modern website that is not based on WordPress from scratch. Because of this knowledge, you have the ability to perform tasks that are a significant asset in every developer’s arsenal.

Final Thoughts

Apart from these, your WordPress developer must have additional cybersecurity knowledge and familiarity with WordPress Administration Interface. This way, your website will have extra security and better ease of use, and you can stay ahead of your competitors.

A skilled and updated WordPress developer with all these skills can be an asset to your business. They can ensure that you have a seamless development experience, and your audience can easily use it to reach out to you.

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