Which Sandals Resort Is Best for You? The Complete Guide.

Sandals resorts comprise 16 different luxurious resorts on seven different Caribbean beaches. Each one of these resorts is the dream honeymoon destination for newlyweds. The resorts are all-adult and fun-filled. There’s hardly a luxury you can think of and not find on these resorts.

Definitely, that makes deciding the best one difficult for most couples.

So, here in this post, we have short-listed the best Sandal resorts for you (along with the latest one!). Plus, we’ll guide you on how you can pick the best Sandal resort for yourself.

Best Sandals Resorts: Your Options

Sandals resorts offer golf, beaches, overwater bungalows, fine dining places, and loads of entertainment for young, adventurous couples. There are dedicated quarters for old couples as well. They are quiet, calm, and intimate.

Sandals Curacao 

Sandals Curacao is an upcoming royalty of the Sandal resorts. It’s located in the Southern Caribbean in Santa Barbara.

Sandals resorts seem to be advertising it as Sandals Royal Curacao because it combines the joys of all three wonders, i.e., mountains, seas, and the greens. It extends over 44 acres and even feature two new suite categories, including:

  • Kurason Island Poolside Butler Bungalows
  • Away Seaside Butler Bungalows

It’s also going to offer the first-ever Sandal Dos Away Infinity Pool. So, it’s definitely new and exciting.


Sandal Barbados resorts are all about relaxation. This domain of the Sandal resorts features two types of resorts in terms of value:

  • Sandal Barbados
  • Sandal Royal Barbados

Sandal Barbados offers 280 suites. These are spacious and supported with luxuries like swim-up suites and tranquility tubs. It’s a great pick for anyone who seeks a luxurious stay along the beach.

Royal Barbados is for people who are willing to spend an extra buck to experience the best of the best. Royal Barbados is right next to simple Barbados. These resorts charge a little more and offer a little more too. You can enjoy rooftop pools and an exclusive beer bar that offers over 19 different beers from all across the world. There are other dedicated services like a men’s only barbershop and a 4-lane bowling alley.


Next to Barbados, we have the best Sandal Resorts in the Bahamas. There are two Sandal resorts in the Bahamas, which include:

  • Sandals Royal Bahamian located at Nassau Bahamas
  • Sandals Emerald Bay at Great Exuma Bahamas

These are not only popular because of the exclusive amenities offered by the Sandals Resort’s management. They are also popular because of the turquoise waters of the white Bahamian beaches. Their looks and feel are absolutely elegant. Along with this, the island offers fantastic snorkeling and scuba diving. And that makes it an amazing pick for super adventurous couples.


Grenada is a pick for culture explorers and foodies. This place is best recognized for its spices and rich history. You’re likely to find some exquisite restaurants with exquisite dishes. Apart from that, there are places like Underwater Sculpture Park and Dougaldston Spice Estate. The tours of these places will allow you to explore the colors of history, culture, and Grenada itself with your significant other.

Simultaneously, you’ll be enjoying a rich, exciting nightlife with late-night gatherings, piano bars, a private cove, and freshwater pools. The experience at Grenada Sandals Resort will be physically and mentally enriching.

St Lucia

Here comes our last favorite Sandals Resort, i.e., St. Lucia Sandals resorts. These have gained massive popularity because of the conventional honeymoon feel that they offer. It offers cliff-side suites with lush green gardens and golf courses. The Sandals Grande St. Lucian takes things a step further and adds overwater bungalows to the green and movie-like honeymoon place. It’s perfect for couples who’d like to spend time by themselves surrounded by the lush green, natural and soothing environment.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know all of our favorite picks from the Sandals resorts, we hope you pick the best for you and your partner. There are others like Antigua and Jamaica too. If you wish, you can explore them too.

Here’s a quick guide on how to pick the best resort for yourself:

  • Determine your budget
  • Discuss priorities with your partner
  • Compare all seven Sandals resorts in terms of your desired features.
  • Shortlist and compare prices.
  • Opt for the one that offers more in less.

We hope this helps you pick the very best!

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