Which restaurants and bars in Tokyo are the best?

Given the massive and crowded Tokyo, a visit there should include plenty of food. You’ve probably heard about the multi-hundred dollar dinners and how you should treat yourself to one or two pricey sushi evenings if you can. Choose Namba food for an exceptional delivery service because it blends speed, comfort, and simplicity. However, Tokyo has much more to offer, including ramen, authentic izakayas, katsu, and more.

Here is the list of a few best Restaurants and Bars in Tokyo


Izakayas are similar to Japanese bars, and Uoshin is a classic izakaya and a wonderful place to try Japanese food. It would help if you sampled many dishes made with fresh, grilled, and boiled fish at this restaurant because it specializes in serving fresh seafood from all across Japan. In a heated pot with soy sauce, sake, sugar, and ginger, the nitsuke boiling fish dishes are cooked. This is an excellent method for easing into things and getting a sense of what you’ll eat on your vacation if you’ve just arrived in Tokyo and have no idea what you’re doing in terms of eating.


Fusion cuisine is famous in Japan, and Ukyo is among the most excellent restaurants serving it in Tokyo. Ukyo combines French bistro food with Japanese ingredients. However, it is less typically thick and buttery. Crab-cream croquettes, uni shumai dumplings, and their specialty, egg rice (raw egg combined with Japanese rice with shaved truffles on top), are among the foods you may anticipate eating there. Ukyo is an excellent place for a more pleasant supper throughout the week without having to get too dressed up because it is sophisticated but still informal. No matter when you visit, be ready to sip sake—Ukyo boasts more than 250 varieties.


This restaurant is a must-visit because of the contemporary spin Ryugin gives to the classic Japanese kaiseki (multi-course) meals. For dinner with seasonal meat and fish, budget $400 or more per person. What precisely do you get for $400, then? For example, “olive beef,” which is beef from cows fed nothing but olive tree leaves. An updated take on traditional Japanese design, the setting complements the cuisine. If the price tag hasn’t already made you uncomfortable, the dining room is silent and formal. Make sure you’re cool with that.

Udon Yamachou

Yamachou is a fantastic udon restaurant perfect for a light afternoon meal. Jazz is playing almost continually in the background, making it a pleasant location to hang around. Our favorite dish is the duck udon, which is famous for being tempura udon. Get your noodles in a hot bowl of soup or cold, served with dipping sauce, depending on the temperature outside.


You’ll think you’re in the middle of a K-Pop music video when eating a Korean barbecue at Nurunji. A large screen will be playing Gangnam Style-inspired videos while your meats cook, the clientele is youthful, and the servers appear to be members of a boy band. This is the place to go if you want to sample delicious, fatty pork belly and a taste of Korean pop culture. Everyone in the room will be drinking and having a good time; it feels like a party.

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