Which one to go for Top Grain Leather or Full Grain Leather?

Fashion for men has been evolving from a long time. In today’s world, there are a thousand types of different clothing varieties men can choose from. One such thing, is the clothing made from leather. The demand for leather products have been on a rise and almost every 1 out 0f 4 people is seen wearing something which is made from leather. Leather is used to make Leather Jackets, shoes, belts and many other different products for both men and women. But even in the leather category, there are some terms that men are not fully aware of. If you usually scroll through the internet looking for leather products, then you may have come across the terms, “Top Grain Leather” and “Full Grain Leather”. So let’s dig down deeper to know more about these terms.


This is a common leather type which is used to make a number of products. Apparently it’s known as the second highest quality leather in the market. It’s name, “Top Grain Leather’ is due to the fact that the very top layer is shaved off to make the products.

The leather after shaving off goes through the process of sanding in order to remove the marks and blemishes. After the process of sanding, the leather feels smooth and soft.

The appearance of the top grain leather is just like any other leather type and it’s quite durable as well.  Furthermore the top grain leather is much thinner when compared to the full grain leather.

Moreover many people are confused whether the top grain leather is real or not. It’s to be assured that top grain leather is certainly real, and the difference between it and other types of leather is of the texture only.


The full grain leather is the brawniest and toughest section of the animal hide. It’s considered by some as the best quality of leather as literally just below the hair of the animal, hide goes for the tanning process and so is fully natural. 

Unlike Top Grain Leather, the Full Grain Leather is not sanded or smoothed in order to preserve its natural beauty and appearance. Due to this fact, the Full Grain Leather is much more durable than any other form of leather and also lasts ages. If you survey the market or even the internet, then you will surely notice that the most expensive leather products are made from Full Grain Leather indicating the superiority of this form of leather.

Appearance wise the Full Grain Leather looks like the classic leather which the western style people are seen wearing. It is tough and is thick. Moreover it is much heavier when compared to Top Grain Leather.


As mentioned above, Full Grain Leather costs an arm and a leg. But to be honest the money demanded for Full Grain Leather is fully justified. Undoubtedly, the process of producing Full Grain Leather is a lot more difficult than any other leather type. It requires special type of expertise and a lot of time too, which results in the high production cost. Moving forward, the fact that Full Grain Leather could last so long also supports the price mark of the leather as you can certainly use products made from Full Grain Leather for a very long period. Full Grain Leather could last for a number of years and if you use it properly, then it may even last for a lifetime! This fabric usually lasts 6-7 time longer than any other fabric available in the market.


As we discussed earlier that leather is a very common good used now a days to manufacture a number of garments and is usually known for its durability and superior lifespan. There are a number of ways you can adapt or use to maintain the quality of your leather goods. There are a number of protectants and sealants available on the market which can be applied on the leather to maintain its condition and moisture.  Moreover you can also clean your leather every few weeks with a soft brush. 

If these tips are properly followed then surely your leather products will remain as new for a long period of time!