Which One Is Better, Instagram Or Facebook?

Instagram and Facebook are both social media platforms that people are using to get socialized. Both of these platforms are also very helpful in running online businesses nowadays. People seek help from social media marketing companies to get good traffic. The social media marketing companies UK are providing the best services.

Let’s take a look at which platform is better (Instagram or Facebook)

Which one is better?

Before the launching of Instagram, Facebook was considered one of the best social media platforms. People were intensely using Facebook at that time. However, when Instagram launched, it began to grow at a higher speed than Facebook due to its features. Instagram users are increasing very fastly. Both of these sites are very useful for running an online business. But, Instagram attracts more people than Facebook.

Now, let’s consider the reasons that make Instagram better than Facebook.


Following are the reasons for Instagram’s popularity.

Mobile Friendly

Instagram is mobile-friendly that people love to use all day. People usually scroll the Instagram in their free time or whenever they get bored. On the other hand, Facebook was a desktop app when introduced. After this, the mobile version launched.

This feature is the reason for the rapid growth of Instagram.

Higher engagement rate

Instagram is a highly engaging social media platform. A study shows that in a test of the average like of both of these apps, Instagram was the victor.

Easy to use

Instagram is such an uncomplicated platform to use. All you need is to post pictures related to your business. If you are a member, you just need to post the memes and videos for your viewers. Moreover, if you use Instagram for fun, all you need is to scroll your screen, like, and comment on the post if you want.

More social

Instagram provides you with the content you search for whereas Facebook is not that easy with content. It will just provide you with the pages of your choice.

Brand Promotion

Instagram is a better platform to promote a brand as it is easy to use. Facebook is a bit complex with its features because its operators change the algorithm very often whereas there is no such problem with Instagram. That is the reason why we get most brands on Instagram. 


Instagram gets more than 1 billion active users within a month. So, we can say that it has a global reach. Social media users from other platforms are rapidly switching to Instagram.

These are some of the reasons that make Instagram a better social media platform that its users are rapidly increasing.

Final Words

Social media is a great source of getting socialize with people from all over the world. Instagram has some communication facilities such as comments, DM, voice calls, and video calls. People can also go live on a video call to build a connection with their audience. Most celebrities and bloggers use this facility of socialization. That is how this amazing social media platform operates.