Which Lens is Best for Wedding photography?

Are you going to capture a big day of your loved ones? You must be excited and overwhelmed at the same time. It’s because clicking on a wedding is different from other ceremonies. Your subject isn’t just the people but also products, decoration, architecture, food and other stuff. So, if you want to capture the happiest moment in the best setting, you need to spend money on lenses. 

I know you can’t have them all, but try to get the best ones. After all, it’s a big day, and you need to come up with some special and out-of-box photos. A little spending won’t hurt much, especially when the bride and groom thank you wholeheartedly. 

Before I tell you about the best lenses for wedding photography, you need to know the importance of getting them. Every lens is unique and lets you capture moments with an extra ounce of creativity and artistic style. 


Do you need a perfect wedding portrait? Please, go and get an 85mm lens. It never distorts the image as other lenses do. It offers a wide-angle and keeps the frame edges super clear. When a couple is ready to spend a little more on their wedding photographs, you should buy this lens as it offers fascinating bokeh at a wide aperture alongside optimal compression.

2. 70-200mm

Do you like an image where everything is blurry, but the subject is shining like a rockstar? If that’s what you want to add to wedding photo albums, please grab a 70-200mm lens. When you set this lens, it lets you create an enticing blur at f/2.8.  You won’t have to set the stage as this lens will do it all on its own; you can have your best shot without disrupting the moment. You can do it all with a 70-200mm lens, from capturing tears to hard laughs.

When it comes to buying this lens, you should consider getting it from Canon, Tamron, Sigma, or Nikon.

3. 24-70mm

As soon as you realize that a wedding is happening in a small setting, it would be best if you didn’t think twice about buying a 24-70mm zoom lens. You can make a small space wedding look bigger and brighter through this lens. It brings elements of creativity and versatility to a photographer, no matter how limited space he has to deal with.


Do you want to capture a portrait that makes people wonder about the person for a second? This much attention to detail can only be guaranteed by 50mm focal length. Even in low light conditions, you can have the best click. You like the most about this kind of wedding photography lens because it brings soft and natural appeal to your subject. You won’t have to rely much on flash when this lens is on.

For DSLR, you better buy a 50mm lens from Nikon or Sigma, while Sony planner and Rokinon offer the best mirrorless options.

5. 100mm Macro

For a lavish wedding, you better invest money in a 100mm macro lens. This lens enriches every photograph with fascinating details. This lens is generally used in product photography to demonstrate every single aspect of a product. A lot of practice is required to handle this lens, but once you know how to set perfect lighting, you can have well-detailed shots of the bride and groom in no time.


When it comes to capturing farmhouse wedding shots or venue pictures, you can’t rely only on 24-70m. Going big for a big venue is the fundamental formula of getting incredible photographs. When you have to cover a big event, then a wider angle is the absolute necessity. Expert photographers always keep this lens with them, primarily when weddings are held at the beach, farmhouse, and other nature settings. The primary purpose of getting this wedding photography lens is to capture the breathtaking scenery of charming venues.


If you ask me which lens is best for wedding photography, I will say it depends on the wedding venue and requirements from the couple. You can go with 24-70mm for a small wedding, while a big venue requires you to pick macro lenses. Couples ask for beautiful portraits. Thereby you should consider getting a lens that helps you furnish their demands.