Which is the Best Wheelchair For Days Out?

To a degree, what represents the ‘best’ wheelchair for a day out is subjective. It depends where you plan on heading, how long you plan to stay there and whether you will be travelling alone or assisted.

Still, what matters most when planning an excursion of any kind is two things – comfort and safety. Once these two boxes have been ticked, you also need a chair that guarantees day-long comfort.

All combined with a chair that folds down to a practical size and doesn’t weigh so much as to become a nuisance.

Wheelchair-Friendly UK

What’s great about the UK (compared to some other European countries) is how extensive efforts have been made for some time to open up the country to wheelchair users. Mobility issues do not necessarily have to bar those concerned from the UK’s most enjoyable and iconic attractions.

Of course, there is still a long way to go in some corners of the country, where for purely practical reasons it is proving difficult to accommodate wheelchair users. Even so, there is a limitless range of enjoyable and memorable days out right on the doorsteps of anyone looking to soak up the best the country has to offer.

You could, for example:

Explore London

By a clear mile, London is one of the most wheelchair-friendly cities in the world. Huge sums of money have been invested in London’s transportation and entertainment infrastructure in order to provide seamless access to its main attractions for all. From taking in a show to soaking up the scenery to enjoying a Michelin Star lunch, it’s all fantastically accessible.

Check Out Edinburgh

The same also applies to Edinburgh, which likewise flies the flag for accessibility and wheelchair-friendliness. At any time of year, Edinburgh is a fantastic place to visit, bursting with fantastic step-free attractions. Just a few examples of which include Edinburgh Castle, The Royal Mile, The Royal Botanic Garden, The Scotch Whisky Experience – even The Edinburgh Fringe Festival if you’re there at the right time.

Hit the Beach

Slowly but surely, the very best beaches across the UK are becoming accessible for wheelchair users. There are even some beaches (like Broad Haven in Pembrokeshire) where the local council actually provides off-road wheelchairs for visitors to use, if their own chairs are not suitable for the terrain.  Other than this, some of the best features worth checking out as a wheelchair user are Boscombe Pier Beach in Dorset, North Berwick Beach in Scotland, Port Stewart Strand in Northern Ireland and Whitmore Bay in South Glamorgan.

Choosing the Best Wheelchair for Enjoyable Days Out

Almost any wheelchair that is lightweight, durable and easy to transport could be just the thing for an enjoyable day out. Even so, there are some super-practical mobility aids that are more highly recommended than others.

A few examples of which include the following:

Classic Self-Propelled Steel Wheelchair

Classic self propelled steel

By name and by nature, this Classic Self-Propelled Steel Wheelchair keeps things simple, and focuses on what matters most. It features large 24-inch puncture-proof rear wheels, coupled with tinge puncture-proof front tyres for total reliability. Ideal for outdoor use, this Classic Self-Propelled Steel Wheelchair has a luxuriously padded 450mm seat for the ultimate in daylong comfort. Additional features include push-lock brakes, skirt guards for safety, moulded armrests for added comfort and more. The whole thing weighs a total of 17.6kg and features an easy folding mechanism for added convenience.

Attendant Propelled Transit Wheelchair

Attendant pro transit WC

Stylish, practical and superbly portable, the Attendant Propelled Transit Wheelchair is just as versatile indoors as it is out and about on extended excursions. It boasts a higher maximum weight capacity of 17.25 stones and it is designed to fold down quickly and easily to a highly compact size.  The frame is manufactured from the highest quality steel for maximum durability and the padded upholstery makes for a comfortable ride on all types of everyday terrain.

Roma – Lightweight Transit Wheelchair – Blue – 18″ Seat

Roma lightweight

Last in line comes the Roma – Lightweight Transit Wheelchair, which takes portability to the next level with its compact folded size and a total weight of just 13kg. This is the perfect chair for folding down and tossing in the boot of the car, or carrying with you on public transport. It features a lightweight yet exceptionally durable aluminium alloy frame, along with detachable footrests and comfortably padded upholstery. The Roma – Lightweight Transit Wheelchair also represents outstanding value for money, considering the quality and versatility of this popular chair

For more information on any of the above or to discuss the benefits of any of our products in more detail, contact a member of the team at Mobility Smart today.

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