Which is the Best Course in Fashion Design in India?

Before deciding on the best Fashion design college in India, we should understand the Fashion Designing field, who is a fashion designer, what is his role and responsibility and then we should look at the curriculum that various Fashion Designing Colleges are offering and try to identify the right course that is in keeping with the requisite competencies.  

What is Fashion Designing? 

Fashion Designing is a specialization that involves conceptualizing designs for clothing, accessories, handbags, and footwear basis the fabrics, styles, patterns, colours, culture, and trends. Fashion Design reflects social and cultural influences and hence defines the fashion of an era. 

Who is a Fashion Designer and what is his role and responsibility?

Fashion Designers are professionals whose talents and vision facilitate the creation of concepts of new and trending styles. They are involved in the process from ideation to building prototypes of designs to their final productions and then even selling them to customers. 

Roles & responsibilities of Fashion Designer:

  • Market Research: He is involved with researching to understand consumer tastes, ensuing trends & styles, techniques, patterns, fabrics, etc. Besides this, he attends various fashion shows, trade shows and meets other designers as well as manufacturers in order to not only have the pulse of the market but also get design inspiration along with the sourcing of trims, fastenings, and embellishments
  • Ideation: He is responsible from the conception of design through to final styling. He liaises with the client as well as various teams and bases the brief conceptualizes new designs. He comes up with new themes and relevant designs basis seasons.
  • Sketching & Designing: He sketches his designs using pencil and paper for initial discussions. Since it is easy to change elements, textures and colors digitally, he uses computer-aided design tools (CAD) to create a blueprint that is acceptable to all the relevant people.
  • Selecting materials: He is involved with selecting the right material (fabric) for the product keeping in mind the color, pattern, texture, or durability along with eco-friendly, sustainability, and the current fashion trends.
  • He collaborates with a technical designer to ensure accuracy.
  • Producing prototypes: On finalization of sketched design and materials, fashion designer develops prototype. He then checks the fitting, dress flow, etc., of these prototypes by getting them to be worn by the fashion models. 
  • Marketing & Sales: He markets these designs to buyers using mood boards, colour boards as well as samples. He is even involved in the pricing of the entire range.  
  • He is responsible for maintaining relationships with vendors, buyers, suppliers, and models

Courses on Offer:

While there are lots of colleges offering Fashion Design courses, but the best Fashion design college in India can be the one that offers competencies to fulfill the responsibilities of fashion designers. We should choose a college basis the following deliberations:

  • College must open the door to flexible career opportunities by offering a range of value-added transferable skills and multi-disciplinary specialization  
  • Classroom learning complemented with international level industry projects
  • Experiential learning through internships and international level industry projects
  • Masterclasses by industry experts to impart knowledge and perspective on global lifestyle, fashion and luxury business.
  • Professional Certification from an accredited college recognised Nationally as well as Internationally
  • Comprehensive placement programs 
  • Building portfolios through projects and participation in various competitions. 
  • College must provide competencies in research methodologies to help students gauge the market trends along with an understanding of people in socio-cultural settings 
  • Supplementary career support curriculum like Post Graduation courses or masters in fashion management to enhance your competencies.
  • Knowledge about the latest technologies and software. 

So, design your dream career with the right course and right guidance. Let the world be your red carpet!


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