Which is the best budget 450M motherboard

Today, we are here to discuss the best b450 motherboard that gives a budget-friendly approach to its buyers and we have selected our product to review on!

Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite is currently our choice for best b450 motherboard – the reason to choose this board over the recently released B550 is not one but multiple. 

• It is cost-friendly and comes conveniently under your budget.

• Its features are literally in a very close approximation to some of the newly released entry-level MSI motherboards i.e B550.

• It is a full-size board in competition with some cheaper micro ATX variants.

• Varied Ryzen Support: It supports multiple variants of Ryzen 3000 processors like Ryzen 3100,3300x,3500,3600. You should avoid usage of higher end chipset of Ryzen 3900,3950x processors because of limited VRM, if observed technically it could work with BIOS but would require an additional cooling setup around VRM to stop things getting on a bitter side. Apart from generations of Ryzen 3000 processors, it also supports the use of Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 processors. 

Since we mentioned VRM over here, I would like to state one more point that even the newly released motherboard by MSI has an identical model of VRM with just some additional features, so this cost-friendly product tops in our category of best b450 motherboards.

• Complex Fan System: A model of digital hybrid PWM designed smart fan 5 along with an exclusive feature of fan stop if you prefer a quiet PC and it is also not necessary to run the fan. A temperature sensor to avoid difficult consequences during overclocking is integrated as well. You’d see multiple fan headers, one around the VRM along with a cooler. When you go down from right top to front you will see a 4 pin pwm header which is auto selectable so when you connect a water pump or a 3 pin fan, the board will easily recognize it to work accordingly.

• Best BIOS+RGB Control Setup: This board presents some of the best RGB related characteristics. A basic appreciable RGB feature is the ability to jump from a default 5 volt RGB(runs 30 LEDs) to 12 volt addressable RGB, this feature is very useful but usually not seen on other boards. A 12 volt RGB w can be used if you want to connect an ultraviolet kit or just want a bright white LED connection.

• Overclock Supporting Ram Setup: 4 ram slots are built in that support almost 64 gigabytes of ram. The four chips could be placed in dual mode and may prove beneficial depending on ram speed you are using. It also supports DDR4 3600 in overclocking mode.

• Configurable SATA connections: Two SATA connections which are configurable means depending on whatever slot you’re using for m.2 drive, the other empty slot will get disabled. 

Additionally 4 more SATA connections are present, two facing out and two facing in.

• Removal M4 Sockets: M4 sockets are built with a standard retention clip which could easily be removed by removing screws and taking the plastic bit off to use standard m4 backplate attached at rear for installation of aftermarket fans, stock AMD coolers or alternative fans just by simply clipping on.

• Additional Debug LEDs: If you’re using an old or second hand processor, don’t worry about it bugging your CPU, ram or the whole system because of the presence of these incredible debug LEDs.

• Impressive Audio Setup: A high definition front panel audio connection powered by Realtek 892 chipset that supports 7.1 Dolby digital audio which is literally enough for best sound supply. Though most gamers use headphones but still for the information, it supports channel 2, channel 4, and channel 7.1 sound system.

• Variety Of Expansion Slots: Multiple expansion slots are present including a PCIe 3×2 but it does not support SATA based drives instead support NVME drive support. 3 PCIe 4x slots in case you want to insert an additional graphic card. A 3×16 slot for every graphic card unless you are using APU. And finally a PCIe 2×1 for placement of CMOS battery.

• USB connections: You will find multiple USB connections throughout the board, three 2.0 USB connections, one 3.0 USB connection, 4 USB 3.1 gen ports and finally 2 USB 2.0 ports.

Though there’s no type c port on the rear side available, this isn’t a cause of problem because you can insert an SSD at the front connection.

• Other Additional Features:

-Heat sink that covers the side bridge and has a logo of Aorus on it along with an addressable RGB control from BIOS or other updated software.

-Pleasant to see the universal setup.

-A resetting CMOS button underneath the front panel i/o panel. 

-A module connector.

-24 pin power connection that uses solid pin material not some cheap item for best power delivery.

-8 pin auxiliary CPU power connection.

-Pretty decent layout.

-Combination of keyboard and mouse ports.

-DVI port that supports 1200 resolution.

-HDMI socket of 4600 Hertz support.

-Supports gigabyte excellent 8118 gaming LAN with bandwidth management (Ethernet). 

-A user manual.

-An Aorus badge to put on front f PC.

-A pair of SATA cables, one right angled and one straight.

-Multilingual installation guide.

-Stand off and screws for m.2 drives.

-Integrated user interface to achieve RGB sync 

-Ultra durable thermal guard.

-Firmly attached i/o shield.

Conclusion: We selected this MSI product based on a budget friendly category and the b450 motherboard by MSI did not fail to impress us with its incredible set of features which could give competition even to newly released MSI motherboards which are price gauged because of COVID, supply demand etc so b450 is currently the best choice to avail great features under an affordable amount of money.