Which Is Better For E-commerce: On-Page SEO Or Link Building?

If you sell products and you wish to reach a larger audience, having a well-optimized business website is very important. Yes! You have to place adverts on different platforms to publicize your products, but optimizing your website to reach a larger audience does better for your business. There are two major website optimization methods which include On-page SEO and Link building. On-page optimization involves using keywords, title tags, or content creation to optimize your website for more visibility. On-page has to do with anything you can directly control regarding website content. Link building, on the other hand, involves acquiring links from other websites and adding them to your website. Think of this as a different website referring back to your website as a reference for quality information. In most cases, both On-page SEO and Link building work hand in hand to ensure traffic generation, but which is better? In this article, we find the difference between both SEO tools and determine the better option.

  1. Link building interlinks different websites: By linking your website to other websites or vice versa, navigation between your website and other websites on the internet is made more accessible. In this case, when users browse the internet, they are automatically referred to visit your webpage. As an E-commerce website, it is essential to have the link to your products appearing on other websites. This would help boost your sales by referring people reading about your product on another website to purchase the product from your website. However, link building would not work if you do not have a strategic relationship with the other websites where you are linked. Basically, you’re building links and relationships, which could also open up an opportunity for collaboration.
  1. Google requires links to rank your website: Focusing on On-page SEO and paying less attention to link building would not qualify your website for Google ranking. Before a website is qualified to rank on Google, it has to pass the ranking qualification in terms of available links on the website. Therefore for any business website to stand out, no matter how unique your contents are, it must be hyperlinked to something. There are certain link-building companies where you can get links to add to your website, and one of them is Tactica. Link-building services from Tactica would not only help rank your website on Google but would also help boost sales of your products.
  1. Link building makes your website credible: Imagine reading an article on one of the highest ranking blogs today, and you find a link directing you to another website for reference or clarification of the post. You automatically sense the website’s credibility because of its link to the initial website. This is the same way link building works in E-commerce. Link building helps to give your website or business more credibility in the sight of your visitors. However, you have to carefully select the sites where your website is linked to or linked to to ensure utmost credibility.
  1. On-page SEO is not enough: On-page SEO is essential for your website to gain visibility. No website will get visitors if it doesn’t have well-optimized content. Your website articles, pictures, and wording must be well optimized to pop up when specific keywords are searched for on google. However, if your contents are not well linked, they will struggle to appear on google searches. You should already know that you compete with a million other businesses optimizing their websites using On-page SEO; therefore, investing in string link building makes you stand out from your competitors.
  1. Links give you a reliable source of referral: After you have successfully built links with other websites and you’ve birthed a relationship in that niche, then you have given your website and business a continuous source of traffic referral. Say your website is linked to another website in your business niche, everyone who visits your website is referred to that website, either to shop or to get more clarification. The same thing is done for you on other websites. This is why link building is more important in search engine optimization.

There are other methods of optimizing your E-commerce website than On-page SEO and Link building, but these two stand out because of their results generation ability. While you have been made to realize how important link building is to your website optimization, it is essential to note that having links on your website without having well optimized On-page content would not give you the kind of results you want. Therefore to rank on Google and generate more sales through your website, you have to invest in link building and on-page optimization.