Which is Best For Me: An Online Letting Agent Or a High Street Letting Agent?

The market is stuffed with various letting agents. It is a fact that landlords who own multiple properties need assistance and full-time guidance to tackle the matters of the property with complete knowledge. Nowadays, landlords are divided into two categories. Some prefer the traditional way of property dealing known as a high street letting agent, and the other goes towards the online mode through the online letting agent. No doubt, property matters require a loyal letting agent, so here is a comparison between the two types of letting agents. Read and decide which one is better for you!

#1. Cost-Efficient

Cost is the primary factor that should be kept in the notice as a considerable amount of money will be on the stake due to negligence. The online letting agent provides you with the benefit most in saving the money in the form of an agent’s fee as he does not have to deal with you physically. On the other hand, high street letting agents charge a vast amount, i.e., 10-15% or the rental yield, to provide you with the services, they deduct the commission fee, especially when you live in a country like the UK.

#2. Ask Whenever You Need

Property management is not an easy task; even if you hire an agent, you will have queries to avoid risk. So a landlord wants to keep in touch with the agent 24/7. An online letting agency provides you with this facility as their agents are always active and give the answers to your questions. But to contact a high street agent, you have to notice the time on the clock; otherwise, you will miss it.

#3. Advertise Your Property

In the world of everything online, people, especially with the busy routine of the UK, mainly deal with their business online. So to advertise your property through an online letting agent who promotes the advertisement is the best option. But the high street letting agent does not facilitate this opportunity.

#4. Dealing With the Serious Buyers

An online letting agent provides you with trusted services as he only passes the severe buyers to you after complete investigation and taking the biodata to avoid any scam. On the other side, a high street letting agent provides one-on-one services, and you have to deal with each buyer he recommends to you.

#5. National Property Knowledge

An online letting agent has a proper insight into national property knowledge based on online data and information. They advertise your property on online platforms like the rental sites of Zoopla and Rightmove with greater visibility. But a high street agent can not provide you with this service; he will rent and let the property on the local stage.

#6. Saves Your Time

An online letting agent provides you with faster and quicker tenant finding services and saves your time waiting for the tenant. But a high street letting agent is helpless in this matter; he will work only when the tenant spot the property physically.


letting agency with online letting agent services helps you more than the high street conventional property agent. Property maintenance requires all the upper illustrated vital factors for smooth and transparent management, especially in London. Oasis Living is the best way to let property in the UK as it benefits you in every aspect!