Which Indian pre school admission would you prefer?

Here is a list of the best Indian schools for your child’s preschool admission

India is one of the best places to obtain an education. So whether it is preschool admission that you look at or a high school, an Indian school is always a great place for your child to learn and receive an education. There are several cities in India that are particularly well endowed with very reputed Indian schools and Bangalore is one of them. Let us look at the Indian preschools in the city that are particularly popular.

  1. Global Indian International School, Bangalore

The two GIIS campuses in Bangalore offer the highly renowned Global Montessori Plus program that helps lay a great foundation for a child’s schooling. The little ones are provided with the best possible guidance and care to help them ease into school life and derive joy from learning. 

  1. Orchids International School

This is one of the most popular pre-schools in Bangalore on account of the fact that it provides a safe learning environment where a child’s individual needs are catered to, helping them grow into confident individuals who like to learn. That is something of great importance at this age as it helps lay a foundation for a great education.

  1. Eurokids

Eurokids chain of schools have a stellar reputation with regard to providing toddlers with the right enabling environment to begin their journey of education. It is not for nothing that they have India’s largest network of pre-schools. The holistic development of children’s mind, body and soul is the driving philosophy behind these schools.

  1. Gigglezz Pre School

They provide a safe and enabling environment for preschoolers to learn, develop and grow. They go to great lengths to make their students learn to become interactive and vibrant. Everything from non toxic toys and age appropriate furniture to a spacious playing area is conducive to the growth and development of very young minds. 

  1. Fun and Learn Pre School

This is a pre school geared to meeting the needs of children from all sections of society. They enable a fine balance between the academic, sports and extracurricular activities so as to ensure, all round holistic development of the children. By doing so, they seek to empower each and every child who comes to them. 

  1. Kids Cube International

This school has a great reputation as a pre-school that manages to shape and develop preschoolers in a manner that leads to their great all round growth and development. Their method of learning for preschoolers primarily incorporates the Fun and Learning approach.


Given above are some great choices when you are looking for Indian preschool admissions in Bangalore. There are a few others as well that are quite good. Choosing a preschool for your child cannot be something that you take lightly. 

Since pre schools introduce very small children to a world that is away from home, it is important that the experience be one that they cherish and learn from. After all, this is their initiation into the world of education.

It is important that parents put their child into a preschool that makes him or her approach learning with joy. Besides, these Indian schools are great places for the little ones to understand the norms and mores of social interaction, something that will stand them in very good stead as they grow up.