Reasons for Delay in Marriage

Gone are the days when parents will decide and the child will marry. Also, the concept of male dominance in marriage has gone. The females have become equally demanding and competent to decide on their marital decisions. Another factor is that focus on professional life has drifted the priority of getting married at the actual age, in some cases. Therefore, it is pertinent to understand how to know when I will get married and what are the reasons for delay in marriage. The reasons for delay in marriage are intentional or circumstantial? Human factors for delay in marriage: choice of a specific person for marriage and priority of getting married vs. Career options. But do you know these reasons for late marriage can also be seen from the birth chart of a person. Many may not know that the 10th house (house of profession) is also the SECONDARY HOUSE to the 7th house (house of marriage). Sometimes 10th house also can be responsible for delays in marriage. So, let us understand how to know reasons for delay in marriage from a horoscope. Astrology has specific methods to tell the reasons for late marriages. 

Which planet is responsible for delay in marriage?

It is very disappointing, rather irritating at times when your marriage gets delayed, even after getting proposals after proposals for your marriage. It happens that the person is fully prepared to get married, and as soon as things seem to go near completion, something or the other ruins the marriage prospects. The person can’t understand the probable reasons behind delay in their marriage. We will not say that the planets are solely responsible for the delays or disharmony in marriage. They certainly play the dominant role, but the person’s “free will” also works hand in hand with the circumstances.

Generally, we meet some ordinary astrologer who puts the complete blame of delay in marriage on either Mars or Saturn. This is not right! Saturn and Mars, no doubt, are both malefic planets and cause troubles and challenges related to the house they are placed in. Mars is aggressive, and Saturn shows delays. It is said that if Mars is present in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house, then it causes Manglik Dosha. The Manglik Dosha is known to create troubles in married life and also causes delays in marriage. This is somewhat partially true. The position of Mars in various signs as placed in these houses has to be considered as well. If Mars is in exaltation or placed in a friendly sign, then the native doesn’t get as bad results as expected, and there may be good results as well. 

Saturn is known to cause slowness in the significations of the house it is placed in. Now, if it forms a relation with the 7th house, the person may face delays in marriage, but it is not solely responsible, and other factors in both the D-1 and D-9 chart have to be analyzed properly.

We suggest you visit a learned astrologer to get your marriage horoscope checked properly and to know the exact reason for delay in marriage. Some of the common planetary indications to cause delay in marriage are as follows-

● the presence of Saturn, Mars, and Venus in the seventh house may cause delay in someone’s marriage. 

● the association of the Sun, Mars, and Mercury with the 7th or 1st house may cause trouble in getting married. 

● Sun is not desirable in the first or seventh house for a happy marriage. 

● Saturn, if under Paap Kartari or major affliction placed in the 7th house, it may delay the marriage. 

One can read more on this subject on reasons for delay in marriage. 

Can birth chart indicate about delay in marriage?

Yes, horoscope can indicate the reasons for the delay in marriage. But for that, one should see if the reason for delay in marriage is intentional or circumstantial. 

Marriage is an important part of someone’s life, and it is enlightening to know that in Astrology a marriage is called saubhagyavardhak i.e. one which strengthens your luck. It is because the 7th house is 10th from the 10th house, which is your career. If one has a good 7th house, then the 10th house automatically gets strengthened. In the same way, the 7th house is a gain of fortune because it falls at the 11th place from the 9th house, which is our fate. 

So, to gain fortunes and a better career, one must not ignore a marriage at any cost. There should be efforts to get married at the right time rather than delaying it for career and other purposes. Because once the period of supportive planets has gone, it is not really helpful in getting the person married quickly after that.

In Astrology, great importance is given to the karaka or significator of things. The karaka for marriage are Venus and Jupiter. In a birth chart, if the planets Venus and Jupiter are weak or under the effects of sinful planets, the person faces delays and problems in marriage. The karakas’ condition must be seen in the lagan and Navamsa chart. If we notice afflictions to these and the 7th house in both charts, this is a strong indication of delay and problems in a person’s marriage.

Apart from the planetary combinations, there are certain kundli Dosha that may cause a delay in marriage. But again, not just the Dosha can be solely responsible, and other factors need to work in combination with the yoga for the delay in marriage. Dosha like Angaarak Dosha, Mangal dosha, Kaal Sarp dosha, Kemdruma yoga and Vish yoga, etc. may also cause delay in marriage. However, the strength of these inauspicious Dosha has to be realized through degrees, signs, and house placement. 

Solutions for delay in marriage

You would read many astrological solutions for delay in marriage: chant this Mantra, perform this Pooja, and follow this ritual. Before applying any astrological remedies, it is important to know that nothing works more miraculously than karma modification. One must know the right time to accelerate the efforts to get married. There are timings for every event to happen called the Dasha period of planets. It is only at the right time that the efforts will fetch results. Take full advantage of Marriage astrology to take corrective action at the right time rather than losing the best time cycle to marry and then follow astrologer’s discretion to push you to remedies. Solutions for delay in marriage will work when applied at the right time and all this is embedded in your horoscope.

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