Which Florida Coast Should You Move To?

If you’ve decided to relocate to Florida, you’ll need to choose which coast to go to. Miami, the Treasure Coast, and Jacksonville are located on the state’s east coast. Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Fort Myers are located on the west coast. On the Atlantic Ocean, the east coast is ideal for surfers. The Gulf of Mexico’s warm waters bathe the west coast. Safebound Moving has broken down some of the details that may influence your decision to relocate to Florida.

Which Coast Are More People Moving To?

You might want to think about how frequently other folks migrate to Florida and where they’re heading. Florida has been one of the fastest-growing states in the country during the last decade. WalletHub compared the economies of 515 cities to see which had the fastest expanding local economies. They took into account things like population growth, job growth, and median household income increase, among other things. Forty of the 515 cities are located in Florida. Florida has 15 of the top 100.

The fastest-growing cities on Florida’s west coast include (of the top 100):

  • Fort Myers (1)
  • Town ‘n’ Country (7)
  • Cape Coral (14)
  • Lehigh Acres (21)
  • Spring Hill (36)
  • Tampa (65)

The fastest-growing cities on Florida’s east coast include (of the top 100):

  • Port Saint Lucie (15)
  • Boynton Beach (27)
  • Miami (40)
  • Palm Coast (49)
  • Kendall (96)
  • Davie (97)

Eleven cities on Florida’s west coast made the list, while twenty-five places on the east coast did. Orlando (43), Deltona (95), and Gainesville (251) are the top three cities in central Florida.

West vs. East Coast Beaches

If you’re moving to Florida, it’s safe to assume that the beaches will hold at least some of your interest. The beaches, on the other hand, vary depending on which side of the state you visit. Fine white sand can be found on the Gulf of Mexico’s west coast beaches. The sand on the west coast isn’t as hot as it is on the east coast during the summer. The Gulf of Mexico is reasonably calm, making for ideal swimming conditions.

The Atlantic Ocean has a rougher surface. Please don’t misunderstand us. In Florida, people swim in the Atlantic almost every day of the year without issue. However, if you enjoy surfing, the east coast is the place to be. Plus, the sunrises over the Atlantic on Florida’s east coast are unbeatable. Safebound offers the local movers to bring you to whatever coast you desire.

Popular East Coast Areas To Move To

On the east coast of Florida, there are several popular homebuying destinations. Jacksonville, Daytona Beach, the Treasure Coast, West Palm Beach, and Miami will all be covered.

Jacksonville, Florida’s most populated city, is the country’s largest metropolis in terms of population. It has a cost of living that is roughly 10% cheaper than the national average. Those with children will be pleased to learn that Jacksonville is home to five of Florida’s best high schools, as well as a number of state and private colleges. Jacksonville, according to Floridians, has a more southern vibe than places further south. This remark makes sense because South Florida feels very distinct from the rest of the country and Jacksonville is only 25 miles from the Georgia border.

Daytona Beach is most known for holding the Daytona 500 Nascar race, which takes place every year about an hour and a half south of Jacksonville. It’s a diverse neighborhood that attracts bikers, beachgoers, and artists. The barrier island is a popular destination for individuals seeking a relaxed lifestyle. The mainland has a variety of cheap housing alternatives close to the beach.

The Space Coast, roughly an hour east of Orlando, draws visitors because of its clear connection to space flight. However, it also appeals to homebuyers for a variety of reasons. In terms of education, Brevard County is ranked third in Florida. It is the most concentrated high-tech economy in Florida and the eighth in the country. There aren’t many places on the planet where you can combine beach living with a high-tech economy like this.

The Treasure Coast, which stretches from the Space Coast to Palm Beach County, is named after the Spanish Treasure Fleet, which was lost in a hurricane in 1715. For nearly 200 years, people have been diving and discovering treasure along this coast. Residents of this area benefit from being close to cultural destinations such as Miami and the Palm Beaches while still maintaining a small-town feel. Furthermore, places such as Port St. Lucie, Jensen Beach, and Stuart provide people with a pleasant environment.

The cities of West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami are located further south. Even during the coronavirus pandemic, these zones are constantly expanding. You’ll find a mix of urban and suburban living in West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, and Fort Lauderdale, as well as abundance of barrier islands and beachfront property.

Miami is a city that is difficult to describe in a few words. Miami is not even claimed by Floridians. It’s as though you’re in another nation. There’s always something to do, and it’s one of the world’s most popular tourism locations. It’s large enough to support a wide range of lifestyles, so it’s no surprise that many desire to relocate to Miami. Whether you’re looking for a beachfront property, a luxury apartment, or a modest suburban home, Miami and its surrounding suburb towns have it all.

Popular West Coast Areas To Move To

If you’re looking for a second home in the winter, a vacation home, or a new home to retire in, Florida has plenty of options. As a general rule, houses on the east coast are more expensive. Some of the most expensive houses in the state may be found in the metro and island areas extending from Miami to West Palm Beach. On the other hand — or the other coast — Naples is home to the second-highest population of millionaires in the United States.

However, in this city of 385,000 people, you may still locate affordable housing. In Naples, there are lots of condo options for those with a budget of less than $100,000. However, if you want a large villa in a prestigious neighborhood, you’ll require around half a million dollars.

Sarasota is comparable to Fort Lauderdale and is located approximately an hour south of Tampa. It’s culturally rich, and the housing market is similar. A one-bedroom condo costs roughly $80,000, while a three-bedroom home costs over $250,000.

In recent years, premium developers have flocked to St. Petersburg. Luxury condos and mansions can cost upwards of $10 million, but modest three-bedroom residences can be found for under $500,000.

Cities on Florida’s west coast are often slower-paced than those on the state’s east coast. It all depends on your budget and the type of lifestyle you want to live. Tampa and the surrounding districts, like luxury communities like Naples, may quickly become pricey. However, affordable housing can also be found in the peaceful suburbs.


When you reside in Florida, hurricanes are a constant concern. Unfortunately, it’s part of the deal. Storms have wreaked havoc on both coasts in the past. In 1992, Hurricane Andrew, a category five monster, wreaked havoc on the Florida Keys and the state’s southern edge. In 2004, Hurricane Charley made landfall as a category 4 near Fort Myers. These storms are wreaking havoc on both coasts.

Most hurricanes, thankfully, aren’t quite as destructive as the two mentioned above. However, no matter which coast you choose, you’ll have to learn how to deal with hurricanes. The majority of category one and two hurricanes shut down cities and towns for two or three days. It’s possible that you’ll be without electricity for several hours or perhaps days. Hurricanes, on the other hand, may be planned for and prepared for. You normally have a few days’ notice if you need to evacuate. You can also stock up on emergency supplies like water and non-perishable food if you are unable to flee.

The Tail of Midwestern & New England Migrants

The two interstates that feed into Florida, according to folklore, directly impact the feel of Florida’s east and west coasts. On Florida’s west coast, Midwesterners traveled down I-75, while New Englanders traveled down I-95.

Despite the fact that travel is more easier and faster nowadays, this legend makes sense when you examine the climate of Florida’s two coasts. For someone who is used to living in New York, the fast-paced culture of Miami will feel extremely familiar. For someone from Ohio, the tranquil beaches of the Gulf of Mexico will feel like a peaceful tropical home.

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