Which Event Tents are best for Outdoor Events?

The demand for various types of event tents has been steadily rising across the United States and across the world.  Any memorable event is only as successful as its planning, setup, and execution. Custom event tents can make any get-togethers, parties, weddings and several other occasions for celebrations a great success.

What’s more, if you are planning to host outdoor events, you will require a thorough understanding of which outdoor events tents are best-suited for what you have in mind. Outdoor celebrations require adequate protection from the elements, must have enough space for a large number of invitees, should add some flair to the party and must also be sturdy.

For outdoor events, there are several options you can choose from, including crest, pavilion and pinnacle tents. Unless you have a pretty good idea about each of these variants, there’s a chance that your much-anticipated party or a family get-together may fizzle out due to a sudden downpour.

For your ready reference, listed below are two separate types of tents. The first list, or ‘Section A’ deals with the different types of event tents. ‘Section B’ will follow and it will cover those event tents that are best-suited for outdoor use.

Let’s begin!

Section A- The many types of event tents

There are several technical terms associated with these structures that make it pretty difficult for the layperson to select the perfect tent.

To that end, we have broken down all event tents into 2 broad categories.

  • The first one is an ‘instant canopy’: These models have multiple center poles inside and all across the perimeter. These poles are usually manufactured of durable metal. The poles ensure that event tents are well-supported and there is a low chance of any untoward incidents.
  • The second type is the ‘event tent’. These do not have any internal supporting poles; these are supported and held down by a metal frame. Aluminum is used most frequently. These tents are available in a wide variety of sizes. Some may be your run-of-the mill 8’x8’ pop-ups while the biggest ones can have diameters of 50 feet or more!

Do note that pole tents are generally larger than the other type.

Instant canopies explored

These are usually the go-to models for different types of events. They are versatile, cost significantly lesser when compared with a frame tent, and have been around the longest.

There are 2 principle types of such diy tents used worldwide. These are the following.

  1. Party/all-purpose canopies

These are the most basic event tents in this category. Party tents are lightweight, can withstand the harsh sun and can also provide protection from a few spells of rain. Of course, they are not as efficient if it starts raining heavily.

Most of these models are available in the 15’x15’ plus the 20’x20’ size versions. These are rather easy to set up; 2 experienced people can finish the job in half an hour!

Depending on the model you are purchasing, you will also get a set of sidewall ropes, stakes, poles and a user manual.

During our research, we came across ‘Extreme Canopy’, a renowned retailer of event tents and plenty of high-grade accessories. They are located in Southern California’s Huntington Beach, a city close to the sea. ‘Extreme Canopy’ is the American subsidiary of ‘The Extreme Corporation’, a leader in this business since 2003.

The entity also owns ‘Extreme Marquees’, Australia’s best-known supplier of everything related to tents of all shapes and sizes!

Some of the information you will read here have been sourced from their in-house experts.

Pros and cons of instant canopies

These tents are lightweight, portable, and have a vinyl covering that acts as a barrier to the elements. Conversely, these event tents are not available in larger variants and should not be your first choice if the weather forecast indicates chances of gusty winds and heavy rainfall!

  • Heavy-duty pole tents/Party tents

As the name suggests, these are hardier than the previous model. These tents require a large and clean area for staking; think of gardens, lush lawns and even asphalt parking bays. These event tents are extremely durable and are much better at resisting bad weather.

Two sizes are used on most occasions: the 40’ & the larger 60’ variants. These party tents have been improved upon in recent years and their central poles used nowadays are brilliantly engineered to withstand high winds. Smaller sizes are also available if the event demands it.

Pros and cons of heavy-duty party tents

The positives include the durability of these models, besides the fact that party tents are considerably less expensive when compared with equivalent frame tents. On the other hand, there might be some difficulty locating a large-enough spot for staking.

Event tents explored

Now we come to the frame tents, the ones which do not require any central supporting structure.

These wonderful items traditionally have a vinyl top which is securely attached to the metal frame. As we mentioned earlier, aluminum is the most common metal used in this type of event tents. Round aluminum tubings, in fact, constitute much of the entire frame regardless of the size of the tent.

One huge advantage of these tents is their versatility. For example, high-quality models can provide an open and uninterrupted view of the outside since the aluminum frames allow the installation of sidewalls. These features make frame tents excellent for hosting larger groups of people without having to worry about the weather conditions.

Some top-range frame tents also make for ideal event tents, since multiple independent compartments can be created using walkway canopies. You can easily carve out a separate food counter, a bar, and even small shelters for children to play in. Overall, these are great options for all sorts of parties and family reunions, now that the Covid wave is receding a bit with each passing day.

Pros and cons of event tents

There are no ‘perfect tents’; these models too have their own share of good and not-so-good aspects.

Advantages include plenty of room inside, the ease of setting them up, adjustable height, numerous opportunities of customizing the interiors including adding chandeliers etc, and the fact that they can be custom-built with your ideas as the main design aspects.

One major disadvantage is the high price-tag that these event tents bear. Plus, you might also need to pay some additional amounts for specialized or bespoke equipment which are used for proper installation. Internal decorations are also worth a considerable sum.

Section B: The best tents for outdoor events

Outdoor events bring with them entirely new sets of challenges. Many of the event tents mentioned in ‘Section A’ can also be used indoors, provided there is enough room. Outdoor tents must be almost immune to inclement weather conditions, must be strong and should ideally be easy to assemble and pack-up.

Here are some professional-backed ideas for outdoor tents.

  1. Pop-up event canopies: These lightweight and gaily printed tents are widely used across trade fairs, sporting arenas, open-air music concerts and the like. We went through the collection at Extreme Canopy and their range of Pavilion tents stood out. These are extraordinarily hardy units which use 2 ½” aluminum frames to combine both strength and low weight.

These are essentially frame tents. They are renowned for their affordability and their roofs made from Sioen PVC.

  • Pagoda frame tents: These tents can be set up on almost any surface so long as the right accessories are used. We believe that the range of Pinnacle tents, also manufactured by Extreme Canopy, is the best in this category. They are certainly more robust and a lot more durable than the Pavilion model, given their heavy-duty aluminum frames. The Pinnacle range is clearly one of the best event tents available for outdoor use at the moment.

With no guy ropes and without any central supporting pole, these models are customizable for different kinds of events!

  • Heavy-duty frame tents: Planning to host a seriously large party with several guests, plus arrangements for food and drinks? Check out Crest tents, another model rolled out by Extreme Canopy.  These giant freestanding structures are best-suited for weddings, corporate events and so on. Their modular design is fantastic and the structure seems as solid as a brand-new ship!

Finally, all of these outdoor events tents can also be used for business promotional purposes as well. For private events with close friends, nothing beats Crest tents, a byword for luxury in a tent!

This concludes both of the sections. For any questions, you can easily reach the experts at 844 243 6981!