Which Ear to Use for Listening to a Call on Mobile Phone

Having heard a long time ago about how to hold your cell phone when you are on use, sometimes you get really frustrated to have a cell phone in your life with so many restrictions and problems. But, what’s the alternative because we cannot let this device (ICT) of our lifestyle now that it plays an important role nowadays.

Which ear to use to hold the cell phone while talking and which one to use?

Creative people are more likely to hold a cell phone in their left ear, while those who think logically use their right ear, researchers have found.

If you’re a left-brain thinker, you’re more likely to use your right hand to hold a cell phone to your right ear, despite the fact that using that same dominant hand to hold a phone is illogical because it prevents other activities, including note-taking, even when there’s no difference in their hearing, according to the study from Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.

What I don’t care about is which ear to use for cell phone calls. It’s just a trick to get attention, but we have to take care of ourselves because these cell phones emit radiation that is harmful to wireless connectivity with satellite communications.

Well, there are many interesting alternatives to save us from these problems without thinking about left/right ear problems .

We can use headsets while communicating for long calls. If you are holding the phone in hand, use a ring holder or a popsocket. You need to choose between a phone ring holder vs popsocket


Listening always with the right ear doesn’t make sense because we use both ears alternately when we use a cell phone. For example, when we have to write notes on a piece of paper (for right-handed people), we use the left ear with the left hand to be able to write the notes.

In case of long calls (chatting with friends or family), we get tired in a short time and we automatically change hands and ears from time to time when we use a cell phone.

How can cell phones damage our brain?

I’ve heard a lot of studies that say not to keep cell phones under pillows while napping or sleeping. Well, you have to think about it because I have personally applied it and got results. Secondly, what is the hesitation or importance of this measure (up to you).

Use a headset (excellent function) that keeps the cell phone away from our ears and areas of the brain. In addition, we are more comfortable using the cell phone and hearing the other person clearly and attentively.

By using our cell phone only for the purpose for which it was invented, I mean that most people are addicted to this technology and can’t stay 5 minutes without seeing it, instead they can spend the whole day with their cell phone and without meeting a live person. Visit mountas.com to find the best mount for your phone.