Which Brand of M12 Connector Is the Best?

It’s not easy to make a decision on which brand stands ideal when it comes to an M12 connector. It’s a crucial component of industrial automation, and getting your hands on the best one in the market is important. Let’s dive right into this article which will enlighten you about the brand that makes the best M12 connector. 

What is an M12 connector? 

An M12 connector is a circular-shaped connector used primarily in the automatic industry and harsh surroundings where rigid, compact, and secure cables are required for smooth functioning. It’s ideal for washdown and corrosive environments. 

What are the types of M12 connectors?

M12 connectors have a wide-spread family. Sometimes M12 4 pin connectors are required, whereas a 5 pin M12 connector fits the shoes at other times. The types are endless; they could be A-coded or B-coded. The coded connector comes with a special key of its own format. Each coded M12 connector is designed to be employed for a particular device. The A-coded is primarily used for sensor and actuators whereas the C-coded is for AC-powered devices.

What is the difference between male and female M12 connectors?

Well, it might confuse someone who does not have hands-on experience in the diverse world of the M12 connector. Nevertheless, we are here to solve the confusion. 

Essentially, a male M12 connector has a pin sticking out, which can be plugged into something, whereas a female M12 connector has openings into which the male M12 connector can fit. 

How to decide which type is required?

Over twenty different types of M12 connectors are sold in the market. In such a scenario, it cannot be easy to narrow it down to one. Let us help you. 

The first step is to determine the type of M12 connector required. Many manufacturers color-code the connectors to minimize the probability of risk. It enables the buyer to differentiate between the types of cables and connectors available fairly. Lastly, the material from which the connector is made makes a significant difference. It’s essential to conduct extensive research before going to buy one. 

How to decide between the M8 and the M12 connector?

It can be challenging to choose between the M8 and M12 connector considering the both of them are widely used in the automation industry.

Both types of connectors are employed to connect devices but the M8 connector is used exclusively for industrial sensors. It comes with a 3-pin screw and is water-resistant. On the other hand, the M12 connector is designed for harsh and corrosive environments.

The M8 and M12 are used to eliminate the strenuous process of wire installations. They help enhance the production process and simplify the mass production. Similarly, the repairing process is smooth and easy. All in all, both are used to make things easier in the automation industry.

Best M12 connector brand: 

It’s time to end the debate once and for all. The question is, which is the best M12 connector brand in the market? We asked around to find the most accurate answer to this question. The results were not surprising as most people voted for Shine industry to make the best M12 connectors available in the market. They are undoubtedly the finest in the market that does not compromise on the quality of the production. 


M12 connectors hold a lot of importance in the automatic industry. Selecting the right type is the key to minimizing errors and ensuring a hassle-free process. It’s crucial to select a brand that produces connectors of the best quality. Quality tops everything. Go for Shine Industry.

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