Which Box Is Better For Your Christmas Present

Happy holidays are just around the corner, and everyone is stressed about the presents. Even though Christmas shopping should be fun and sentimental, people stress out because the personalized gift they have in mind is hard to complete in reality. The customized baskets at stores are just not the thing to suit everyone’s taste.

Even companies go back and forward with ideas for the employee Christmas business, PR packages, or thank you gifts for old business clients.

Here is a secret about Christmas gifts: you think your ideas for customized gifts are not good enough, mainly because of the box and not the objects. Purchasing several thoughtful items is easy but finding a box in which you can fit multiple sizes items is hard.

Width and height of the box matter a lot when you have multiple items on your list. For example, you can’t put various small objects in a square box because it will get messy, second, you can’t put a box of chocolate, fragrance, or other kinds of bottles in one box because it will get congested and the bottle can crush the sweets. The packages you get from gift shops are either too big or too small even as a standard size. 

If you are a perfectionist, we have the perfect gift box solution for you. Below we have compiled a list of boxes of different sizes and capacities. With each box category, we have also mentioned how you can DIY a Christmas box with multiple thoughtful gifts. Whether you want to DIY a box for a few personal friends, company employees, or special PR packages, our ideas are suitable for our levels.

DIY Gift Box Ideas for Christmas:

Die Cuts:

A typical example of die boxes is those boxes in which you get a customized monthly subscription to the products. The companies commonly use the rectangular box to send PR packages. If you want to send your Christmas wishing somewhere far, we recommend you use die cuts. These boxes have enough space to fit multiple things and strong enough to ship across the state. 

In the die-cut boxes, you add a regular size card, cosmetics, ornaments, electronic accessories, jewelry, ornaments, and pretty much everything you can fit in a basket. You can even fold clothes in and send them anywhere you want.

Litho Laminated Corrugated Boxes:

Corrugated boxes are rigid in strength but pretty bad when it comes to customized printing. To solve this issue, many companies use the Litho Laminated process on the boxes, which makes them printable. When you combine the function of litho and the strength of corrugated boxes, you get the exceptional customized Litho Laminated Corrugated Boxes. These boxes can be customized in different sizes and lengths. 

The companies usually prefer litho Laminated Corrugated Boxes for the employees or the PR packages. You print your logo or a greeting message on the box. 


Gaylords are octagon shape boxes and usually big. The box has a very classy look with a smooth shape with an opening at the top. One downside of these boxes is that there is less to customize and many feel uncomfortable adding more than one item in these boxes. These boxes are mostly used for oversized items or clothes.

Custom Folding Box:

The best thing about custom folding boxes is the size by height and width. They come in literally all sizes and are readily available at shops even if you need just one. The opening of the box is comfortable and classy. It opens like a jewelry box with side panels to support a firm clasp. The folding boxes are pretty strong and can hold multiple items at once, plus you can decorate them with the perfect ribbon designs as well.

Now, what items can you fix in a folding box? Since custom folding boxes do not have any partitions, you can fill them up with packing peanuts or paper confetti and hide your surprise items. You can either fill the container with multiple small items or a few media to oversized items. 

The most popular choices you have are a mug, coaster, good fragrances, a small box of sweets, a candle, little teddy bears, a customized frame, etc. if you have a particular item in mind you stuff it beneath the foam or confetti. These boxes are also safe for fragile gifts. 

Card Box Partitions:

Card box partition packages are pretty standard. Manufacturing companies usually use these to ship multiple pieces of the same item. The box neat and tidy rows and is generally divided into sets of 4, 6, 8, and 12. Between each item, there is a wall of protection to prevent scratching and rubbing of the things.

If you have planned some gifts small in size, you can neatly organize them in a partition card box. Less partition means more space for each item. For presents, you can add sweets such as chocolate bars and candy bars, next add some customized keychain, magnets, motivational message quotes in square chits, and for humor, you can add funny design socks as well. In the partition box, you can also manage a small portion fragrance bottle. 

How To DIY the Box?

You can get the variations mentioned above of boxes customized easily. It is better to get these from professional packaging companies. Today, several package companies also take orders for a few pieces only as well. Purchasing customized boxes are cheaper for box individuals and owners. If you are ordering a couple of boxes, you will probably get those in sheets and instructions from the company on how to cut and fold. If you are a company ordering a considerable bulk, you can communicate further for cut and folded boxes. 

You can DIY these boxes with ribbons, paint, spray, sheets, or any stationary you like. These boxes can be customized in shapes as well as in appearance. If you want your gift to stand out among the presents underneath Christmas trees, then customized packages are the best choice. 



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