Which Baits Are Right For Certain Types of Fishing

When fishing, considering what kind of bait you use could be such an arduous task. Bait is literally what brings the kind of fish you want in for the catch, and in this article, we will be explaining the best types of bait to use for certain types of fishing so that your next trip out won’t involve you on the way home empty-handed.


These types of lures are designed to attract the attention of many types of fish. They are inexpensive, easy to find, and available in all fishing shops. They are designed to have a weighted tip and have feathers, plastic grub, or other attention grabbers for almost any kind of fish. One of the main problems with the Jig is that you have to constantly have them moving to get the attention of any fish swimming past – if you leave them steady in the water they tend to just sink and remain ignored by potential prey


Spinners are much easier for beginners. They are designed to be very easy to use in any circumstance. They are metal shafts with a blade designed to spin around to catch any fish’s attention. Their hooks can either be covered or uncovered. 

To get the spinner working, all you need to do is pull the lure through the water, the vibration and sounds it will make will call the fish’s attention. This type of lure is perfect when you go fishing in muddier or murkier water, where lures that involve visuals alone are ineffective.


Spoons are pretty common. They are called spoons because they are made of curved metal. Fact, the first spoon lures were actual spoons minus their handles.

These spoons now come in multiple designs and colors depending on the fishing conditions of the area you plan to fish in. They are designed to copy the look of injured prey that are wading in the water.


This type of bait is specifically designed for fly-fishing. The files are lightweight and a.re designed to mimic the actual fly when floating at the surface of the water. 

Fly-fishing is definitely one of the more difficult forms of fishing, but once your accustomed to how this rig works, the interactiveness of the activity really lures you in.


We are now entering the live bait territory, and worms are the most commonly used type of live bait. Both large and small fishes are easily drawn to worms, which makes them very versatile as bait options.

Depending on the type of fish you want, considering if you should use the whole worm or just parts of it should come to play. If you would like to use this as bass bait, then it is highly recommended that you use the whole worm since it is quite a large fish and it demands a lot more to catch it’s attention.

A common problem when using worms as bait is that they tend to wiggle off your hook, so make sure to bring as many spares as you can because as a beginner this may take multiple attempts.


Crickets are most commonly used as bass bait. The bass, crappie, and panfish just love it when fishers use crickets as their bait. This insect is very easily attainable and can be used in multiple ways as bait. Since they are already dead once hooked, they can not attempt to jump off your hook. Fishing with this type of bait may require a little practice since the lure is not intended to stay still while out in the water.