Which are the best tools for converting YouTube videos?

YouTube is one of the biggest video sharing social media platforms with millions of users and a plethora of content creators adding fresh videos and concepts every day. The sheer scale of the YouTube platform is evident from the fact that the social video sharing platform has in excess of 2 billion monthly logged-in users and about 74% of the adults in the US spend their time browsing YouTube. It has pretty much become the default platform for uploading and watching videos on the web.

The native mobile YouTube app is one of the highest downloaded apps on the smartphone market of Android, iOS, and other operating systems. The majority of the users prefer watching videos and using YouTube on their mobile app on the go, as against the desktop version. Approximately 5 billion videos from different content creators are watched every day on YouTube and there are about 30 million visitors each day on the video sharing platform.

Since YouTube is used on a consistent basis with high volumes of traffic, it is inevitable that we have various complementary and supporting tools as well as software options that provide additional functionality and features. Some of these features include downloading YouTube videos on your device for offline viewing and converting the videos in different file formats such as MP3, MP4 and other types of files. These apps also enable the users to change the quality and pixels of the video plus other editing tools. 

Choosing the right video convertor tool 

If you need a software tool or an online service for converting YouTube videos into Mp3 or other formats then you will find plenty of options on the web. Some of the best YouTube converter apps or services includes tomp3.cc, onlymp3, TubeMate, WonTube, and NewPipe amongst others. We will have a brief look at a couple of these video convertor tools and the different features that you get with these tools.

tomp3.cc: When the users are browsing the YouTube platform they often find videos that are fascinating and so they might want to download those specific videos on their device for offline viewing. Similarly they might love a music video or other video where they are interested in the audio and want to download the video in the audio MP3 format. The good thing is there are tons of YouTube converter services, tools, and software that provide efficient solutions with different options for the users. The tomp3.cc is one of the best YouTube downloader and Youtube converter service that offers the functionality of downloading and converting YouTube videos to MP3 and other formats for free. All you have to do is load the website and paste the link or URL of the YouTube that you want to download or convert into MP3. Once you do that you need to click on the start button which will initiate the processing of the video and then you will get the output in your desired format, which you can save on your device. 

The process is very easy and anybody can convert as well as download these videos conveniently on their device. Some of the features that you get with tomp3.cc are free and unlimited conversion as well as download of YouTube videos, no mandatory requirement of creating or registering an account, fast and flexible speeds, completely safe with regards to the security of your data, supports all devices and browsers, and also supports downloading high quality videos. 

OnlyMp3.net: This is another video downloader and converter online that provides the users the ability to convert and download YouTube videos in their preferred format such as MP3. All you need to do is paste the YouTube link in the text box provided and click on the convert button. Once you click the convert button, it will process your video and provide you the option of downloading the MP3 version of the video. As a user you don’t need to have an account or need to install any type of software for converting the YouTube videos to MP3 files. The platform provides not only high speed conversion but it is also compatible with various devices, provides cloud upload support, complete security, and auto fetching features from YouTube.