Which are Some of the Hottest Aftermarket Rims you Can Buy in 2022?

Aftermarket rims are like fancy pairs of shoes from some of the world’s leading fashion houses. They are some of the most aesthetically pleasing things you might have come across!

These rims have so much variety that selecting a specific set is virtually impossible because of the sheer range of rims available. From the likes of Forgiato Wheels, Fuel to Vossen and American Racing Wheels, there is seemingly an endless array to choose from.

This array is revamped and renewed every year as companies launch new ranges and new families to choose from. This is true for high-end companies like Avant Garde Wheels.

There are hundreds of true-blue off-road capable rims you can choose from to begin styling your vehicle for the new year. 

Are you looking to purchase a set of truly outstanding aftermarket rims

Then, perhaps you should look at the following options.

Hottest wheels for 2022

Before we list out some of the best choices for you, there are a few things you must keep in mind. They are the following:

  • It is always a good idea to buy only branded wheels. For example, you will probably find hundreds of unbranded alternatives to the range of Forgiato Wheels at your local retailer. 

They will be less expensive than the products manufactured by Forgiato. But these alternatives can never deliver the performance or the safety features that branded wheels can.4

  • Oversized wheels might be the flavor of the season, but you do not necessarily have to flow with the tide. You can choose the exact size that suits your vehicle. 
  • Always pay close attention to whether the wheels you are eyeing are available for the type of vehicle you drive. Avant Garde Wheels and a lot of other major brands manufacture custom aftermarket rims for several varieties of vehicles. Not all have the same diameter or features.

For details on the size your vehicle needs, please refer to the owner’s manual.

Now that we have some ground rules, here’s the list for 2022!

  1. Vossen HF-1: Vossen is a pretty big player in the niche category of sports performance wheels. The HF-1 is a fantastic addition to the range and is intended for mid—sized to big SUVs. ‘HF’ is actually an acronym for ‘Hybrid Forged’ and the technology that Vossen uses to manufacture these is state-of-the-art.

The black glossy finish is currently the color variant that is in demand. This is a 100% Made in the USA custom wheel which is a lot lighter than most of its close competitors. The Vossen HF-1 has 5 spokes and has detailed machining all across its face.

The only size available currently is 20-inches. But with this surge in its popularity, Vossen is sure to add some more to its kitty. This is a fantastic choice for you if you want a set of custom aftermarket wheels that are not too expensive and can deliver value for money.

  1. Avant Garde Ruger Mesh: This is one of the finest new wheels manufactured by Avant Garde Wheels. While the company has expressly mentioned that the model has been designed for Porsches, it must be stated that this is one fine wheel for most high-performance vehicles.

At the moment, the Ruger Mesh is available in 3 sizes- 19, 20 and 22 inches. These are all sizes that are designed keeping the high-end premium cars available in the United States, and indeed worldwide.

If you are a proud owner of a Mercedes or a similar vehicle that is powered by a high-tech engine with plenty of horsepower, you will require the services of a set of rims which can provide the vehicle with enough style and stamina.

The chrome-finish is extremely appealing. What’s more, the company has priced the set very competitively. 

  1. American Racing Wheels VF103: There are very few lists which are complete without at least one entry from the rich stable of American Racing Wheels. This is one of the legends of the custom aftermarket rims market and has been leading the pack for over 60 years!

Not too many models are manufactured in America nowadays, since the company is owned by a different entity now. But the brand has not lost its touch. This is a forged wonder that is perfect for heavy load-bearing vehicles. 

The model boasts of a Monoblock construction, meaning it has been forged entirely from a single block of high-end 6160-series aluminum. This increases the rigidity and the robustness of the wheel and enables it to be considered as an off-roading companion too.

The VF103 range has many models which are available in several different sizes. They all share some features including the forged construction, can be made to order depending on the vehicle you own, and are a lot lighter than most of its rivals. 

Thanks to the word-of-mouth publicity, the American Racing VF103 family is steadily climbing the ranks.

A few last words

Now that you know which aftermarket rims you should target, just ensure that you purchase them from a reliable retailer!