Which app for optimizing free delivery rounds?

In a period of strong change in consumer habits, seizing every new sales opportunity is vital for one’s business. Let’s see how technology can help in optimizing home delivery rounds

The home delivery service , previously considered the prerogative of large e-commerce giants , or specialized food chains, is one of the sectors with the greatest expansion margin. Being able to optimize the round of home deliveries can help not only in the short term, but also as a tool for growth in sectors previously exclusively centered on the point of sale. Find out which are the apps to optimize the distribution round.

Home deliveries: the preliminary stages

Whether you own an e-commerce site or a retail store, structuring a home delivery service requires some preliminary actions aimed at making this method of sale more efficient. Here are some useful tips to bring your product directly to customers’ homes and avoid errors in managing the service.

Choose who delivers and how to do it – Finding a delivery boy who takes care of deliveries is the first step. You can decide whether it is more convenient to rely on third parties (eg courier fleets), or whether to personally carry out this activity, or whether to involve your collaborators. However, an essential element is that of the procedures for the protection of hygiene and safety standards, both for the worker and the customer.

As for the vehicles to be used, for short and medium-range tours and for non-bulky product categories, scooters and electric bikes are the most suitable. While the car or van is needed for longer journeys and for bulky packages.

Study the range of action of home delivery – Planning your own perimeter of action is essential to optimize time and ensure punctuality in delivery. Always remember to notify the customer of when and how the goods will be delivered, the cost and methods of payment.

Promote home delivery – Let your target audience and customers know that you can serve them directly to their home. Use all available channels: from the official website to the company blog to social accounts. Be creative, with photos, videos and hashtags, if you decide to create an online campaign to promote yourself.

Free app for home delivery

The “ ComproDaCasa ” app developed by Agesoft was recently launched and made available for free, both for the iOS operating system and for Android . This platform also allows those who do not have an e-commerce to sell their products online . It is an idea born to help the retail trade and small and medium enterprises. The operator must register, upload product sheets with photos, price and availability and indicate how, where and when he is able to deliver at home.

 There are no commissions on sales transactions and the application can be downloaded for free, allowing customers to set the search by geographical area and to identify the stores of various product categories that perform the delivery service.

Free delivery rounds app

The time factor is essential for the method of sale with home delivery, both for retaining old customers and for acquiring new ones. Therefore, being able to make the distribution round more efficient is fundamental for the success of your business. For this reason it is important to pay close attention to the timing table and take advantage of the technology not only to optimize the delivery round , but also to keep track of it.

In this regard, we recommend that you take a look at the “ Route4Me”Available both on Google Play and on the Apple Store. This mobile application, equipped with an interface with a map, is able to propose the optimal route in real time and is particularly suitable for those who have to plan a tour with multiple deliveries.

The reference sectors are manifold and involve all those for whom the optimization of itineraries is a key element of their working day, such as couriers, catering and food transport, general deliveries etc. The software is available in the basic version, free of charge, or in packages that offer advanced and additional features, even if the operation of the app is the same and is based on the insertion of address, city, zip code and house number.


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