Where to stay in Halong Bay: Ultimate Guide from Sea to Shore   

Where to stay in Halong Bay? Follow this guide to choose the perfect accommodation for your trip to explore Halong Bay – one of the world’s natural heritages.   

Halong Bay, a world natural heritage, hides countless wonders waiting for you to discover. To have a perfect travel experience here, choosing the right accommodation plays a crucial role. This article will be a comprehensive guide to the diverse where to stay in Halong Bay, from offshore to onshore.

Dream Nights at Sea: Choosing a Halong Bay Overnight Cruise

Halong Bay is an ideal destination for those who want to experience an overnight cruise. Choosing Paradise Vietnam Cruise, recognized as the best Halong Bay cruise company, will bring you an impressive and unforgettable “night dream at sea”.

Choose Paradise Vietnam Cruise for an overnight journey on Halong Bay 

Halong Bay Cruise

Halong Bay has been recognized by UNESCO as a world natural wonder. This place is famous for many caves such as Thien Cung Cave, Ti Top Island, Sung Sot Cave, … attracting tourists to visit. Halong Bay stands out as the premier destination for tourists seeking an exceptional cruise experience and ideal accommodation options. The price for 1 night’s stay depends on each 5-star cruise line, ranging from $138 – $224.

Paradise Vietnam Cruise is one of the most prestigious and famous cruise companies in Halong Bay. With a team of professional, enthusiastic and attentive staff, Paradise Vietnam Cruise always brings tourists the most wonderful experiences.

Paradise Vietnam Cruise offers a variety of overnight cruise itineraries to suit the interests and time of visitors. At the same time, focusing on cuisine, bringing visitors delicious dishes made from the freshest ingredients.

Owning many luxurious 5-star cruises, fully equipped with modern amenities, meeting all the needs of visitors. Paradise Vietnam Cruise always values service, committed to bringing visitors the most perfect experience.

  • Paradise Elegance: A luxurious 5-star cruise with a sophisticated design, bringing visitors a classy experience.

Paradise Elegance

  • Paradise Sails: A 5-star cruise with a modern, dynamic style, suitable for those who love to explore.

Paradise Sails

  • Paradise Peak: A 5-star cruise with a unique design, bringing visitors closer to nature.

Paradise Peak

Lan Ha Bay Cruise

Where to stay in Halong Bay – Lan Ha Bay Cruise offers a trendy sleeping experience, standing out as a peaceful alternative to the increasingly crowded Halong Bay. Known for hosting the best cruises in the region, Lan Ha Bay provides a variety of cruise options with varying standards, prices, and itineraries. 

Particularly renowned 5-star luxury boats like Paradise Grand. Paradise Grand is the first cruise ship of Paradise Vietnam to operate sea routes from Tuan Chau to Lan Ha Bay. Continuing the tradition of providing the highest quality resort experiences in Lan Ha Bay, Paradise Grand offers a Lan Ha Bay tour journey to explore the stunning beauty of one of the world’s most beautiful seascapes. 

Along the cruise route, guests will marvel at the masterpiece of Lan Ha Bay with its hundreds of small and large islands, pristine beaches, and towering limestone cliffs rising majestically from the emerald waters, resembling the mythical land of Pandora from the blockbuster movie “Avatar.”

Lan Ha Bay Cruise

Bai Tu Long Cruise        

Explore Bai Tu Long Bay on a tranquil cruise away from the tourist crowds. This serene bay offers a peaceful retreat with stunning natural scenery, away from the hustle and bustle of more popular destinations like Halong Bay. While the options for luxury cruises are limited due to its unspoiled nature, you can still find affordable 3-star cruises starting at USD 120 per person. 

For a more upscale experience, there are 4-star options available, with a few exclusive 5-star cruises like Signature Royal, Victory Star, Dragon Legend, and Emperor, ranging from USD 165 to USD 345 per person. Enjoy the tranquility and beauty of Bai Tu Long Bay without the usual tourist crowds.

Bai Tu Long Cruise        

Where To Stay in Halong Bay on an Island

Halong Bay is famous for its thousands of majestic limestone islands rising from the emerald waters. Spending a vacation at one of the island’s resorts or homestays is a perfect way to immerse yourself in the pristine nature and experience the unique local culture.     

Tuan Chau Island

Paradise Suites – 4-Star Hotels in Halong Bay Vietnam, being the first and only boutique hotel on Tuan Chau Island, the gateway to Halong Bay, Paradise Suites ensures top-notch service and amenities, endorsed by the reputable travel platform TripAdvisor. Guests can unwind in a luxurious resort setting, enjoy a private beach, savor the finest cuisine in the heritage region, and partake in a variety of engaging activities.

Indulging in European-Asian cuisine at Paradise Suites’ restaurant is a must when visiting Halong Bay. Delight in a diverse array of dishes and culinary creations crafted by our team of local and international chefs.

Make your holiday unforgettable with a poolside retreat, leisurely strolls on the private white sand beach, rejuvenating spa treatments, and exceptional service from our dedicated staff. Whether you seek relaxation or adventure, we ensure a memorable stay for guests of all ages.

Paradise Suite Halong offers a range of entertainment and activities throughout the day, catering to guests of various interests. From corporate seminars and romantic weddings to fun-filled events and team-building activities, we are the preferred choice for a diverse range of customers.

For those seeking comfort in a relaxed setting, the Trend Suite offers a modern take on luxury living. Featuring contemporary interiors, vibrant colors, and ample natural light, this suite is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurous travelers.

Elegant and inviting, the Classic Suite boasts unparalleled interior design with furniture crafted from natural materials, exuding an earthy charm. Each suite is a reflection of the unique experience awaiting guests in Halong Bay.

Tuan Chau Island

Cat Ba Island        

Where to stay in Halong Bay – Eden Hotel Cat Ba

Perched on a hillside, Eden Cat Ba Hotel enjoys panoramic vistas of Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba Town. Guest rooms are designed in a modern, cozy style and several facilities are available, such as a restaurant, bar, swimming pool, spa, and complimentary shuttle service.

Cat Ba Papillon Bungalow & Resort

Situated on Cat Co 1 Beach, the resort features private, beachfront bungalows, offering a secluded and tranquil retreat. Guests can indulge in amenities including a restaurant, bar, swimming pool, spa, kayaking, and partake in island discovery activities.

Cat Ba Island        

Where To Stay in Halong Bay Mainland

Halong Bay is not only famous for its beautiful bay scenery, but also attracts tourists with its diverse accommodation options on land. Here are some of the high-class where to stay in Halong Bay, helping you enjoy a luxurious and comfortable vacation. 

Novotel Halong Bay

Located on Halong Road, Novotel Halong Bay is only about 2 km from the tourist pier, convenient for visitors to explore the bay. This hotel has 296 modern rooms, fully equipped with high-class amenities, providing guests with a comfortable and relaxing space to stay.

Novotel Halong Bay offers a variety of services such as a restaurant, bar, swimming pool, spa, gym, children’s play area, meeting all the needs of visitors. With room rates at Novotel Halong Bay ranging from 1,500,000 to 4,000,000 VND/night, depending on the room type and booking time, customers can comfortably choose a room according to their preferences and needs.

Novotel Halong Bay

Muong Thanh Luxury Quang Ninh Hotel

Located on Tran Quoc Toan Street, Muong Thanh Luxury Quang Ninh Hotel is only 5 km from the center of Halong city and about 7 km from the tourist pier. This hotel has 500 luxurious rooms, fully equipped with high-class amenities, providing guests with a classy vacation space.

With room rates ranging from 2,000,000 to 5,000,000 VND/night, Muong Thanh Luxury Quang Ninh Hotel offers a variety of rooms and services such as a restaurant, bar, swimming pool, spa, gym, children’s play area, meeting all the needs of visitors.

Muong Thanh Luxury Quang Ninh Hotel

What to Consider when Choosing Where To Stay in Halong Bay

For a perfect holiday, choosing the right accommodation plays a crucial role. Here are some tips to help you choose the ideal where to stay in Halong Bay.

  • Determine your needs and budget when choosing accommodation such as hotels, resorts, homestays, guesthouses, etc.
  • Choose a convenient location for transportation such as near the tourist pier, city center, attractions, etc.
  • If you want a quiet retreat, choose an accommodation away from the city center.
  • Refer to reviews on reputable travel websites to compare prices, services, and amenities of different accommodations.
  • Book early to avoid being fully booked and pay attention to booking in advance, especially during the peak tourist season to secure your preferred accommodation.
  • Book directly on the accommodation’s website or through reputable travel agents.
  • Carefully check where to stay in Halong Bay, information about business license, booking policy, payment, cancellation, etc.
  • Bring personal identification documents: ID card / CCCD, passport, etc. and prepare appropriate clothing for the weather and outdoor activities.

What to Consider when Choosing Where To Stay in Halong Bay

Halong Bay with its majestic, magnificent natural scenery and diverse ecosystem always welcomes visitors with countless unique experiences. Choosing the right accommodation will contribute to completing the journey to explore this world natural heritage. The article has provided you with detailed information on the popular accommodation types in Halong Bay, from sea cruises, island resorts to upscale hotels on the mainland. Hopefully, the suggestions and sharing in the article will help you find the ideal where to stay in Halong Bay.

To experience Halong Bay to the fullest, Paradise Vietnam is a luxurious, classy accommodation option, providing you with a wonderful vacation. Contact Paradise Vietnam today for advice and support in choosing the most suitable accommodation for your Halong Bay trip!

Halong Bay Cruise and Lan Ha Bay – Top-notch with Paradise Vietnam

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