Where To Get Free PNG Images?

In today’s world, where everybody knows that visuals are stronger than text, almost all website designers and graphics experts are leaning towards the use of PNG images due to their high compatibility and lossless compression. The image quality of PNG doesn’t go down after compression and transfer, and they are the best way to transfer image data or upload visuals on websites. They have a high loading speed, making the website very easy to use and load at a quick speed. Thus, PNG images are becoming the first and foremost choice of designers all over the world. However, many websites provide paid subscriptions to download any type of PNG image.

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Every problem has a solution. If you are not willing to pay and want to get Free PNG imagesthen PNGTank is an ideal solution for you. There is a seemingly endless range of Free PNG images which you can download with a single click. There is no need to buy a membership or register for a paid account. Whether you are a graphics enthusiast or a website design pro, you can get all types of PNG images here. There are more than 30000 PNG images available that you can download at a single click.

You can find PNG images with transparent background at PNGTank in unlimited numbers. Using these images for non-commercial purposes and website designing can uplift the whole outlook of your project. PNGTank has all types of PNG images for myriads of niches and purposes.

What are the benefits of using the PNG File format? 

PNG is a popular file format on the internet, especially for graphic designers. Why is PNG so popular for online images? It has many advantages, including the ability to control transparency and opacity. 

Minimum Compression Loss 

The greatest advantage of the PNG file format is its low compression loss. The file will not lose its image quality even if compressed. This lossless compression has many benefits, especially if you don’t want to lose any details when compressing an image. Files preserve details, data, and quality.

Supports a Wide Variety of Colors 

PNG files can be used to handle up 16 million colors. This is a significant improvement over the GIF it replaced, which supports only 256 colors. This makes PNG an ideal format for online images. 

PNG supports images with color depths up to 32-bit RGBA and 24-bit RGB colors. It supports greyscale images and images that are not in a palette. This format is great for enhancing colors, with more hues and shades, sharp edges, and a higher resolution. PNG is the best format for files with lots of text or straight lines. It has clean lines and rich color options.

Supports Transparency 

PNG image files support multi-level transparency. You can change the opacity level from opaque to transparent. For example, transparent PNG images might be used when designing a logo. Logos require transparent backgrounds. The transparent background is one of the greatest advantages of using PNG. Images saved in PNG are ideal for web design. They also make it the best format for logos, typography, illustrations, and logos.

Ideal for Storing Images to Edit 

PNG files can be used to store images during editing. You won’t lose quality if you save an image in PNG format. PNG files are often used to create graphics, charts, illustrations, and logos. PNG files also allow you to work with layers. Professional photography is also possible with it, provided that the file size is not an issue.

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