Where To Get A Pap Smear in Melbourne

What Exactly Is A Pap Test?

Pap tests are used to detect abnormal cell changes in the cervix. The frequency with which you take a Pap test is determined by your age, health information, and the findings of your most recent Pap or HPV test.

During A Pap Test, What Happens?

Pap tests, also known as Pap smears, are crucial for detecting cancerous results on the cervix that may progress to cervical cancer. Pap tests reveal cell alterations caused by HPV but not the virus itself.

Pap tests may be performed as part of a routine physical examination, pelvic examination, or well-woman exam. A metal or plastic speculum is inserted into your vaginal canal during a Pap test by your doctor or nurse. The speculum expands up to allow them access to your cervix by separating the vaginal walls. Then doctors delicately collect cells from the cervix with a small sampler – a little spatula or brush. The germs are sent to be examined at a lab.

where to get a pap smear melbourne
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It merely takes a few minutes to perform a Pap test. They should not harm, but when your doctor or nurse inserts the speculum inside you, you may feel some pain or pressure. When doctors harvest cells from the cervix, you may feel a gentle scraping.

Is It Necessary For Me To Have A Pap Test?

At the age of 21, you should begin receiving Pap tests on a regular basis. The frequency with which you are tested after that is determined by your age, health history, and the findings of your most recent Pap or HPV test. Generally speaking:

  • If you’re between the ages of 21 and 29, have a Pap test every three years
  • If you are between the ages of 30 and 65, have a Pap test plus an HPV test (co-testing) every      5 years, or either a Pap test or an HPV test every      3 years.
  • If you are above 65, you may no longer require Pap tests.

If you have had previous cervix issues, have a compromised immune system, or if your mother used the drug DES when she was pregnant with you, you will need to be examined more frequently. Your physician will advise you on Where To Get A Pap Smear in Melbourne and how frequently you should have them performed.

What If My Pap Test Is Unusual?

  • Do not be alarmed if you are Pap, testing results are unexpected. Uncertain or abnormal Pap test findings are rather common. It usually does not imply that you have cervical cancer.
  • A test result that is uncertain indicates that your cervical cells appear to be aberrant. It is unclear whether this is related to HPV or anything else. Equivocal, ambiguous, or ASC-US findings are all terms for results that are unclear.
  • An abnormal Pap test outcome indicates that your cervix has abnormal cell alterations. This does not necessarily imply that you have cervical cancer. Changes can be slight (low-grade) or major (high-grade) (high-grade). Precancerous alterations are referred to as such since they are not currently cancer but may develop into it in the future.

Where To Get A Pap Smear Melbourne?

A Pap test can be obtained from your doctor or nurse, a local health clinic, the health department, or a Planned Parenthood health facility near you.