Where to Explore the Great Outdoors

As the seasons start to change and we enter warmer weather, you might start feeling restless. Is it time to travel and get outside?

There are plenty of places in the United States to satisfy your urge to explore the great outdoors, but depending on where you live, some might be more accessible than others.

We’re here to offer up some travel inspiration with a few of our favorite unique destinations for outdoor exploration. Keep reading to learn more.

The Olympic National Park

Everyone knows that the Pacific Northwest is famous for its nature. Between mountains, the Puget Sound, the Pacific Ocean, and all of the forests, it’s a hiker’s paradise. One of the best parts of Washington is the Olympic National Park.

It’s on the west side of Washington, bordering Forks (of Twilight fame).

Most people don’t think about rainforests when they think about America, but we have such a wide variety of wildlife here that of course there are rainforest areas. The Hoh Rainforest might be the best part of Olympic National Park.

You can see all kinds of wildlife here. From amazing plants to wild animals, you’ll be shocked that this is in the United States.

When you get tired of the forest, you can get back out into the rest of the park. You’ll see mountains, grassy meadows, and if you’re lucky, marmots.

The Grand Canyon

Everyone who loves the outdoors knows that a trip to the Grand Canyon has a special place on their bucket list. Why not take that trip this year?

The grand canyon is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and one of the most popular places to go for outdoor enthusiasts. While you can look at photos or videos online, nothing compares to seeing it in person. It’s larger than you think.

It’s located in Northwestern Arizona and it’s over 10 miles wide and 227 miles long. It’s the perfect location to watch a sunset and sit in perfect silence for a few moments.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is another “must-see” for anyone who loves camping and the outdoors. It’s one of the many outdoor attractions located in California.

It’s in the Sierra Nevada mountains. While some people may have the mental image of Yosemite being a desert, there are actually giant sequoias, glaciers, and more.

You can see bears, bighorn sheep, bats, mountain lions, and all other sorts of unique mammals. There are several types of birds and reptiles native to the park as well.

It’s a great place to go camping. They have areas to pitch tents and set up trailers and you can lay back and relax with the perfect truck mattress and enjoy the outdoors.

Get Out Into the Great Outdoors This Summer

After a winter of being cooped up indoors with nothing to do, getting out into the great outdoors will renew your energy and let you see amazing things.

You don’t have to leave the United States to see unique and fantastic wildlife. Get in your car and start a road trip and see all of the outdoor places to enjoy!

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