Where to Buy Research Chemicals Safely: A Helpful Guide

Did you know that the FDA approved 53 novel drugs for medical use in 2020? Thanks to new medical technology and scientific focus, there are more medical trials and breakthroughs than ever before.

If you working in a laboratory, you may need to obtain chemical and drug samples for your investigations. Where can you get these even if they have not been approved by the FDA?

If you are wondering where to buy research chemicals, we are here to help. Why not read on to find out more.

What is a Research Chemical?

Research chemicals are substances that are under research but have not yet reached the FDA approval stage. Some data may exist about its ingredients and possible applications. Science has not yet finally applied its benefits or the FDA has not yet approved it. 

Scientists and students in laboratories may learn about the substance during their education or other research projects. However, they will have to provide special information to purchase materials that the FDA has not approved for sale.

What Chemicals Are Available?

There are literally hundreds of substances that are available as research chemicals. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • RU58841 Solution (99%+ purity)
  • K&B Solution
  • RU58841 Powder (+99% Purity)
  • CB-03-01 Powder
  • Timapiprant OC000459
  • OC000459 Powder

Often they are willing to ship these products worldwide. However, when you buy research chemicals how can you be sure that you will receive a quality product? 

How Can I Be Sure the Product will Be of High Quality?

You should ensure that you are purchasing from a legitimate company with a good reputation. A professional company will provide the product in a sealed, trackable package.

This substance will have been tested to ensure that it meets expectations. A company such as anageninc provides such guarantees. 

What Information Should I Provide?

A professional research chemical provider will want to confirm that you are a legitimate scientific professional. They will also want you to prove that these materials will only be used for scientific purposes. 

To be able to buy research chemicals safely you may be asked to provide the following specific details regarding yourself and your project. 

The company will likely want you to provide a  letter explaining who you are, where you work, and your field of expertise. You should provide the address that the company should send the chemicals to. In some cases, such as if you are requesting radioactive materials, the company may request a copy of your license.

They may also request specific details of your project and its goals. This will include the subjects of any experiments. they may ask who they are and how many. 

For this reason, you may wish to calculate carefully how much of the chemical you will need. In some cases, you may need to justify the exact amount you are trying to buy.

Find Out Where to Buy Research Chemicals and Much More

If you are searching interested in knowing where to buy research chemicals, applying these principles can help you. You not only need to know where to find them, how much they cost but also the responsibility to take on by purchasing them. 

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