Where to buy Devon Rex kittens?

The Devon Rex cat is a fantastic creature that reminds someone of a little elf with giant butterfly ears, someone of an alien creature that came to us on Earth from distant worlds. 

According to history, Devons appeared in the 60s of the last century based on a natural mutation of wild cats. They originate from a feral curly cat walking around the English county of Devonshire barns. Breeding work resulted in the formation of a new breed, which was given the name Devon Rex after the location.

Want to buy a cheap Devon Rex? Or you are looking up to advertisement on Devon Rex for sale. The price ranges from pet stores often; Devon Rex can be bought cheaply from breeders.

How to choose Devon Rex Kitten

Choosing a kitten is serious because you are looking for a friend and family member. Let’s start with the errors:

  • Do not buy kittens in the markets and pet stores.
  • It would be best not to buy a kitten before 12 weeks old, as this is too early to move in, and he will be vaccinated. (No, he won’t be too old at 3, 4, or even 10months. The Devon Rex is a lifelong kitten)
  • Devon Rex is shedding! But of course, not like other breeds, the wool in the apartment is almost invisible.
  • Devon Rex allergies can also be, often people are allergic to, for example, cat saliva.

First, you must decide on a cattery (breeder) putting a Devon Rex Kitten for sale since a responsible breeder is 99% successful.

If you have decided on the gender and color of the future kitten – great; if not, that’s also great. It’s even easier to choose your kitten without relying on strict criteria because sometimes you can overlook your own, the most beautiful kitten, just because it was born of a different color or gender.

Feel free to ask questions; it is also vital for the breeder that the future owner approaches the acquisition issue responsibly. When communicating with the breeder, take an interest in keeping kittens. Cage keeping is not acceptable for babies and adults; this interferes with regular socialization. 

It is worth listening to your feelings. If something confuses you in a breeder or a kitten, perhaps this is not your option; it also happens.  

Choosing a kitten is worth paying attention to the price of the Devon Rex Kitten for sale. If the cost of a kitten is low, you should not deceive yourself; the question arises: what are these kittens fed, and what kind of care do they and their producers have? Keeping a cattery is a costly pleasure unless they are breeders from the market (not to be confused with a breeder).

High-quality food, fillers, furniture, veterinary care, and, of course, it is periodically necessary to buy new manufacturers. This is not counting the time – after all, you can’t go on vacation, and the breeder has no days off. Based on this, you must understand that the price must correspond to the financial, moral, and physical costs. Undoubtedly, there are different kinds of circumstances,

Find out what kind of food is being fed, and ensure that it is high-quality. Cheap food will affect the health of the little Devon Rex in the future. Be sure to find out which toilet and filler the kitten is accustomed to, this is not so important when buying, but it will make moving easier.

Be sure the kitten is fully vaccinated and dewormed. A responsible breeder, as a rule, does not save and gives kittens to a new home already sterilized/neutered. Despite many myths, early castration is more beneficial and no more harmful than classic castration and sterilization.

If there is an opportunity and the breeder does not mind visiting his house, get to know the kitten. For example, if this is impossible, maybe the cattery is located in another city. You can ask to see the kitten via a video link. The next step is waiting, moving, and the joy of meeting your elf.


Buying a Devon Rex for sale is not a problem, especially in large cities. By purchasing a kitten in a cattery with a good reputation, you insure yourself against many troubles. 

The price of a Devon Rex for sale in catteries with a good reputation and many champions “behind their backs” is usually higher than the market average. But this is entirely justified because the curly cat from Devon is quite difficult to breed. At PurebredKitties, you will get Devon Rex for sale at a justified price.

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