Where Should You Install Your Air Conditioning Unit?

Where you install your air conditioning unit significantly impacts the equipment’s efficiency and your electric bills. If you want to maximize your A/C and achieve maximum comfort at home, choose your air conditioning unit’s location carefully. 

The Ideal Location

Many different variables need to be taken into account to find the perfect spot for your air conditioning unit, such as the heat, ventilation, noise, and hazards. This article will discuss them, but take note that only a qualified A/C installation service provider in Gladewater, TX who evaluates your cooling needs can provide you with more tailored advice.


Avoid installing the air conditioning unit near anything that produces heat or in areas of your home with direct sunlight. If your A/C comes with an outdoor unit, install it in a shady area. Direct sunshine will heat up the enclosure of the outdoor unit and cause the compressor to work much longer to cool off your room.

According to the U.S Department of Energy, exposure to direct sunlight can cause a 10% loss in A/C efficiency. But it does not mean you should put plants or couches near the unit to hide it from the sun.


Unrestricted airflow is very important for an air conditioning unit. So make sure the area where you will install the A/C is free of any obstruction. Outdoor units shouldn’t be placed among foliage to avoid the leaves, twigs, and other debris from entering the unit and causing problems. It’s also important to have enough clearance between the A/C and the wall. 


Air conditioning units operate loudly. They can be as loud as a vacuum cleaner. Depending on your unit’s dB rating, it may disturb the peace and quiet of your family and neighbors. So consider the noise when looking for the ideal location of your unit. Or you can just purchase whisper-quiet air conditioning units, so noise becomes one less thing to worry about.

If your preferred air conditioning unit has quite a high dB rating, you can ask your A/C installation service provider in Gladewater, TX if they can add something like a fence or sound blanket to reduce the noise.


It’s important to check your prospective A/C location for any safety hazard. Never install your air conditioning unit near any appliance/device containing flammable gasses or corrosive substances. Also, avoid installing the unit directly above electrical fittings that can cause electrical hazards once the a/c leaks. If not handled properly, an air conditioning unit can be fatal. For this reason, it’s recommended just to leave the installation task to professionals.

The thermostat location also matters!

Aside from finding the perfect spot for your air conditioning unit, you also have to look for the perfect place for the thermostat. This is way easier since the only thing this device needs to avoid is heat. So please keep it away from areas where temperature likely fluctuates, like near the windows or door and from appliances that produce heat, such as television.

Get the Right Placement With the Help of a Trusted A/C Technician

As mentioned above, choosing the right place for your air conditioning unit is very important. If installed in the wrong spot, your air conditioning unit may not cool your room efficiently but consume more energy than necessary. The unit may also be prone to damages. 

The list above is just general considerations when looking for the perfect spot for air conditioning installation. It’s still better to get advice from a trusted and licensed A/C installation service provider. Better yet, hire professionals for A/C installation. 

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